RE: Harshness...
Posted by: Don ()
Date: September 27, 2000 10:52PM

Hi Danny et al,

"Cliche" and "nothing original" is a bit harsh don't ya think Don?

Well, when I recommend something, I like to make sure that the person on the other end is as informed as possible. Now, we know based on what happened during the whole Van Halen fiasco on this board, that there are some people who visit this board who hold originality in very high regard. There are people who have basically posted that pretty much the only bands that they enjoy are those who have broken new ground. And, as much as I don't wanna hurt Johnny's feelings, I can't honestly say that I think he's broken any new ground. But neither have 90% of the AOR/MHR/metal artists that I know and love, so Johnny's in good company. Let me put it this way: When I listen to Johnny's s/t album, there's a familiarity that I feel. Even though I haven't played it to death, it sound like something that I've been hearing for ages. It feels....comfortable. It takes me back to the days when "our" music was in its heyday, when I was a kid and loving so much of what was being released. It reminds me of the first couple of Bon Jovi albums, Def Lep's "Pyromania," etc. Does that make sense? To these ears, Johnny's first album sounds like that entire era. It causes TONS of memories to flood back and it makes me feel good. And Danny, you know me. I'm not writing this to kiss up to Johnny. As corny as it may sound, it's all true.

On the other hand, I can fully understand that those people who are constantly searching for something that's original (from Van Halen and Kansas to House of Shakira and Dream Theatre) might be VERY put off by Johnny's s/t album. In my opinion, there's little, if anything, original about the album. And again, that's not a bad thing, and it's something that can be said for probably at least 90% of what gets discussed/praised on this board.

Let me take one last stab at it... You want harsh? Well, I can imagine a reviewer making a comment about Johnny's album that might go something like this: "It's nothing but a collection of rehashed Bon Jovi and Def Leppard from their classic/early period." I could empathize and understand exactly what the reviewer was thinking. But rather than put me off, that would spark an interest for me. I LIKE that sound, and I like the idea of someone re-creating it. To me, that was a great era for music, and if someone's music sounds like that, then I wanna hear it 'cuz it's a plus. But I also fully understand that for some people, it's definitely not. I'm not sure where Kris or the other posters stand, so that's why I made the comments that I did. Sorry if they came off as harsh. Take care.

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