RE: Less sales?
Posted by: Vince Viani ()
Date: September 15, 2000 12:08AM

Hi Kris,

Of course most people don't know who Steve Augeri is yet....but you figure they could have gotten a handful of better singers (I won't mention any names as there are too many to list).

But they didn't

You don't think Columbia might have had something to do with their decision? In a time where being old is simply not "cool", what better choice than to choose a young and energetic frontman, who surely isn't as good as Perry but just might give Journey a chance to appeal to younger audiences

As you know, the frontman is the most important part of the band when it comes to fan appeal...

And saying Journey is the future of AOR is not fair...firstly, many members of Journey are old enough to qualify for senior citizen discounts at the local theatre!

How can you say they are the future....they are the past! Why keep depending on the old timers to help this genre of music grow?

It's amazing to me that many people consider themselves fans of AOR and don't care at all about any of the new bands...I'm sure many people on this message board do care but it's just not fair for the newer bands who are being ignored and dismissed because of some old timers who prior to 1996 had not released a studio album in nearly 10 years!

As for Johnny Lima, at least he is doing this style of music for the LOVE and not the money...that's the difference between Johnny Lima and Journey!



Kris wrote:
You think they brought in Steve Augeri to appeal to younger fans? Cmon, most people don't even know who he is!! You ask the general person on the street and say "Have you heard of the band Tall Stories" and they'll give you a strange look and tell you to get the hell out of their way. ~~ And Journey would be considered the future of AOR simply by the power of the band and thier history, And Johnny Lima? The future of AOR? A.........I hope not or were in for a very dark future.

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