RE: Less sales?
Posted by: Vince Viani ()
Date: September 14, 2000 06:33AM

Hi Jack,

Another insightful message from are my comments:

1. About a CD's initial interest wearing off...I've noticed that this happens on some cds and not others...for example, I think many of us could listen to Dare's "Out of the Silence" or Frontline's "Heroes" for an eternity and still love those albums just as much as when we heard them the first time

But as for they have usually had only 2-3 great songs on each album doesn't look good!! Just my opinion of course

Just my opinion...but if you havent really liked Journey before you're not going to like the new album any more or less...

2. All this talk of about the NEW bands? How about the bands that are the future of AOR?

It's funny when people say Journey are the future of AOR...that's bollocks! Journey do not know about or even care about the AOR scene....they're making records because they are signed to Columbia and Columbia says they have to make records THEIR way....

Why do you think they brought on Steve Augeri? To dispel the myth that they are old bringing on Augeri they felt they could relate to younger fans maybe?


These bands are the future of AOR/Melodic Hard Rock...not Journey, Foreigner, Survivor, etc.

It's nice that Journey are releasing a new album....but honestly, do you really think it's going to make much of a difference? At the end of the day...they are still signed to a major label...major labels don't care about the music! It's all about $$$

And as long as it's that can forget about a band like Journey caring about AOR. If they dont sell enough records they will no longer have a record they have to do things Columbia's way, unfortunately...



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