RE: regarding Iron Maiden
Posted by: John Q ()
Date: September 01, 2000 11:26AM

I bought "Brave New World" and like it very much. I've seen very mixed reactions to it from Maiden fans, and each time I listen to it I try to figure out what makes it so sub-par in the minds of some Maiden fans. Can you shed some light on this for me? Is it the songwriting, or the playing/musicianship, or the production, or what? Thanks.

Don, it's a combination of things for me. The only positive are Bruce's vocals - he sounds great even when he has to sing mediocre songs. As for those songs. Here's the major problem: Other than 'The Wicker Man', this album simply does NOT rock - it just sort of plods along, never really gets going. It is really distressing that Bruce and Adrian, surely the band's best writers at this point if AoB and TCW are any indication, were almost shut out in terms of writing.

Add to that that Harris hasn't had a fresh new idea in about 15 years, and neither Gers nor Murray have ever been stellar writers. What make it even worse is that Steve, for some reason, is - and has been for a while now - on this pseudo progressive trip and thinks he can write these 8 or 9 minute epics, none of which work and get boring about half way through. Yes, Maiden had epics even back in the day, but not 5 or 6 on the same freakin' album, not to mention that stuff like 'Rime OTAM' was actually put together well!

Not only are most songs overly long and unnecessarily drawn out, the production is completely flat (try to A/B BNW with 'Resurrection' and you'll see what I mean...), which makes it even worse. The guitars especially sound thin (3 guitarists? You gotta be kidding me...!) and the guitar work is not thought out at all - total lack of cool harmonies a la 'Phantom Of The Opera' for starters (3 guitarists? You gotta be kidding me...!). The whole thing sounds like they did not spend enough time to really craft the album, fine tune it.

Also, turns out it really wasn't a good idea for Maiden to record this thing mostly live (not only because Nicko's meter is all over the place...) because Kevin Shirley (who should never EVER be allow to produce another metal band...) was simply out of his element in that regard. Stick with Journey and Silverchair, Kev! I'm not blaming the guy for the stinker BNW has turned out to be, but Shirley didn't help matters at all. I'd still rather hear weak songs produced well than having bad production ruin things even more.

So there you have it - my many gripes. I guess, how you view BNW depends on when you got into Maiden, too. Having grown up with classic Maiden, BNW sounds incredibly lackluster and uninspired compared to 'Beast' or 'KIllers', which were unbelievably energetic and had attitude and swagger galore. I really can't relate to people that are saying this takes them right back - the magic simply isn't there even though the same people are. Now if you're a bit younger and got into Maiden around 'Fear Of The Dark' or 'No Prayer For The Dying' and think these albums are the pinnacle (and such people do exist...!), then I can understand the euphoria because BNW is as good as those two albums and better than the Blaze stuff (Blaze's solo album incidentally is very good in a (heavier) Maiden sort of way - and far better than BNW).

Now as for Priest vs. Maiden. I do prefer JP overall - Halford is a god and Glenn & KK are great songwriters and a classic guitar team, but I think Maiden, back when they were at their peak, wrote more consistant albums. I don't think Priest have never had anything quite as good as 'Number Of The Beast' or 'Killers'. They always had a song or two that weren't up to par.... On the other hand, JP have never let up like Maiden have ever since 1988. OK, 'Turbo' and 'Ram It Down' were not masterpieces, but anything from 'Sad Wings Of Destiny' on up is far superior than any post-'7th Son' Maiden. Even 'Jugulator' has its moments and puts the last 5 Maiden studio albums to utter shame.

That's my 2wo pesetas.

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