RE: Huh?
Posted by: Vince Viani ()
Date: August 31, 2000 06:33AM

Superbly stated!!!

Yngwie is indeed fast. There are faster players out there, but what they lack is "character." When you hear Yngwie play, you know it's him...he has a certain charisma which is even evident in his playing. He basically "created" a whole new style of guitar playing!!

It's difficult to explain...but Yngwie does play with a lot of feel. Just listen to the guitar solo on "Save our Love" or any one of his ballads...there is loads of feeling there!

Purely technical players like Michael Angelo, Michael Romeo, etc. all have GREAT technique but they have absolutely no feel whatsoever. They are just Yngwie wannabes (and in some instances Dream Theatre wannabes) and really haven't contributed anything to the guitar community.

However...there is an Yngwie "clone" (hate to callhim a clone though) named Johnny Ohlin who is one of the best players ever....this man plays with A LOT of feel and is leagues ahead of people like Romeo, Householder, etc. Check out his band Nation...they are tremendous!

All great guitar players in this style MUST be Swedish! Well...almost :-)

As for Yngwie's ego...I wouldn't care if he had the biggest ego on Earth. We do not buy cds of an artist because we care about their personality or their family life. We buy their cds because we enjoy their music.

Which is not to say that gives anyone the right to be a mean person...but to not buy a cd because the singer/guitar player is not a nice person would be ridiculous! If that is the case, the Rolling Stones and Van Halen wouldn't have sold any cds at all!



Steve, Denmark wrote:
You said: "But to be honest, his vocal style fits Malmsteens playing. His guitar style is all technical and has no feeling at all, maybe that's why the 2 are a match."
I say: No. No. No. We absolutely beg to differ. Yngwie is an extremely soulful and melodic player. Fast for sure but the feel is what puts him leagues ahead of pure technicians like Michael Angelo, Darren Householder, Toby Knapp and every other GIT wannabe who thought speed was all that Yngwie´s style was based on. It isn´t. That´s what makes him a legend.
He has his faults - principally generated by an ego the size of Asia - but having said that, I have sometimes pondered: if you or I could play like that, would we be ever so humble?!

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