RE: What was the real story on the Journey breakup
Posted by: Kevin ()
Date: August 24, 2000 03:52AM

a behind the music would be nice--if they get Perry involved in it. It would be rather pointless if he won't commit though.

As far as general info goes, the Kevin Shirley FAQs on the making of Arrival (which have references to his work on Greatest Hits Live and Trial By Fire) are probably the best info out there as he does go into the Perry subject quite a few times.

Here are some of the most interesting points...from the pages

2) Can you give any insight as to why Ross Valory was replaced on one of my favorite Journey the songs "After The Fall", with Randy Jackson on Bass?

Steve Perry felt Ross couldn't cut the R 'n B groove! That is, I believe, the truth - I would disagree with him!

Do you know if VH1 is or is thinking about doing a behind the music on

I think they would love to, except I think they've all signed confidentiality agreements - so it would be a boring, mutual self-admiring program at best! ps. There are issues...!

With Journey's TBF, what did you say to them at the time? I know this is a "controversial" album -- very diverse opinions of
fans. Did you suggest or ask them to consider going in another direction (more rock-oriented as you and many of us had hoped
it would be)?

No, I did not - it was enough of a task to get a completed album out of them at that time, with Perry so unpredictable! In fact,
my manager thought we wouldn't get it done, and advised me not to take the project at the time. Only out of respect forJohn
Kalodner and his work did I even agree to it, so I never pushed the rock thing, and for the record - neither did Neal!!

You were just talking along the lines of unofficial recordings and it got me to wondering. With the amount of Augeri era live
discs in circulation, and the "featuring lead vocalist Steve Augeri" notations, that the Greatest Hits Live cd should have rather
been something recorded on the first leg of the Vacation's over tour so as to promote it during the second leg?

Nice idea, but GHL was one of those contractual things that happened, in order to let the band Journey, continue! Well, I guess
I can expect some flak for that now!

What do you think have caused the dramatic changes in Steve Perry's voice. Steve used to have a extremely high and smooth
voice and by the Trial By Fire release, Steve sings in a lower vocal range and his voice is raw and raspy, somewhat like Rod

I think maturity, and a dodgy vocal coach - but that's only my personal opinion!

When recording Trial By Fire, what was it like working with Steve Perry. Was he pretty easy going and cool?

Easy going and cool - NO! I like Steve, but he's a piece of work! After recording the album, Steve had a trophy with a
ballerina on it made, for Prima Donna of the recording - which he was sure would go to me - because I do have srong opinions
- needless to say, I garnered one vote - and he ALL the rest!

My question is how much vocal overdubbing/punching in was done on the new Journey disc compared to Trial By Fire. I am a
long time Journey & Perry fan & like you, think that are both phenominal vocalists.
Also would you have any reservations about working with Perry again?

About the same - always as much as needed - sometimes more, sometimes less; and I would have NO reservations about
working with Steve again - I left him some phone messages after we finished "Greatest Hits Live", and he didn't return my calls,
so the feeling's probably not mutual!

I was just wondering if Steve Perry had a hard time singing during the recording of TBF. There is too much speculation that he
has lost his ability to sing well. What is your opinion on this?

I sometimes think nobody reads any further - Perry IS a great singer - he has not lost his ability to sing, his style has changed
and he does not sing stylistically like he sang 20 years ago - and he certainly didn't have trouble singing on TBF!

Other than the new found Peace, love and harmony within the band, or the Perry's a jerk vibe, what were the pros/cons
working with Augeri, and the pros/cons working with Perry? Also, in your opinion as a producer, what are Perry's/Augeri's
strongest qualities as musicians and singers? I'm really not trying to compare the two, I'm just looking for a producers
thoughts/insights on working with these two individuals.

You know - you guys..... Perry is an awesome singer - I can't say it enough (although we had a few interactions in the studio),
but he left the band. Augeri has brought new energy, a new lightness and sense of humor and fun - as well as his different voice
and song writing abilities, which are rockin' and more up-to-date (he grew up with Robert Plant and Paul Rodgers, as opposed
to Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye).

Perry's voice got really rough after the Escape tour and continued to get more rough throughout the succession of albums. His
song for the Camelot movie had the roughest vocal yet. I miss the smoothness of his voice that was apparant on his first few
Journey albums. I'd hate to see the same thing happen to Steve A. He was great with Tall Stories and I liked him when I saw
Journey live a while back.

The thing about all the comparisons is, they're all done with Perry circa 1982 or thereabouts - and even Perry doesn't sing like
he did then, and in many ways the energy which Augeri brings vocally, is in line with that voice! I think Journey fans should
appreciate that the spirit continues, and it's not become the Johnny Mathis hour!

Journey is my favorite band I like the new lead singer but, he is no Steve Perry it was very strange seeing a different singer sing
the songs that where written by Steve Perry. I went through a physical, emotional and sexual abusive relationship in the 80's
and it was the voice of Steve Perry and the melodies that would help me block out what was happening to me and and it was
the songs like "who's crying now" and "still they ride" gave me the strength to leave and to realize that it wasn't my fault.I
listened to a lot of music in the 80's but, there's no other band that has ever or will ever make that much of an impact on my life.

Well, thanks for sharing your personal history with us, and I appreciate your opinion very much. Let me tell you, Steve Augeri
is very aware, and appreciates, the legacy and importance of Steve Perry, and instead of making comparisons (which is
expected), perhaps you should appreciate that he is a part of keeping Journey alive. As I've said before, Perry elected to leave,
not to perform or record - so would you rather NO Journey. On the new record there is a new influence, as Steve's writing and
performance bring new energy to the band - so instead of rushing to judge, I hope you love the new music, too!

Why might Steve Perry be shocked by Augieri's
vocals? Because they're so similar to his own, or because he never
thought someone could fill in his shoes?

Because, I think Steve thought the band couldn't go on without him - and frankly, he was wrong. Those are enormous shoes to
fill, but to discount the creativity of Neal, Jon and Ross is to demean everything they've done before! Steve Smith too is a
wonderful musician, he just chose to pursue jazz, which he loves, and Deen is doing great!

if you had a choice between seeing journey or perry as a solo artist,who would you go see? I would definitely see Perry! Perry
is a legend in his own right! Of course i have seen them both live so i know what i prefer.

I know from your previous mail, that you have doubts - I hope you enjoy the new album as a fresh body of work - see, Steve
Perry chose to leave! Does that mean everyone else in the band should lose their job, their lives, their love. And believe me,
everything was offered to Perry to stay and tour - millions of dollars - and he vacillated so long, then said no when delivered an
"ultimatum" some two years after the tour was set to begin. The guys were in a permanent holding pattern - so, if you still want
to hold that against them - at least consider this personal opinion. Please
don't hate Perry - he's a truly great singer, and he's a complex character, but not a bad guy - and I think he's going to be
shocked when he hears Augeri's vocals. I like Steve, and have a lot of respect for him!

Question # 2:
Do you honestly think Steve Perry will ever release a new album, or do you think (as others have) that his increased
productivity (94-97) was the end result of his desire to leave a greater body or work before cooling his heels on the other side
of turning 50?

I, for one, hope he releases something new - he's too good to stop - and I'd like to see him do something like a classic R 'n B
style album, which is where I think he's the strongest. Personal opinion here (and it won't happen again!)- I think Augeri sings
rock better!

My question
is about the name of the band. Who legally owns the name now and does Perry
still earn from it? If he does, how bad does it piss Neal off?

You know, I was thinking about that this morning - Perry wouldn't let it go, so gets a piece of the action - and on the Armageddon soundtrack insisted it read "Journey, featuring Steve Augeri", or some such nonsense! Neal has good and bad memories, but sure it gets his goat!

Do you think that Steve Perry was 100% committed to the reunion? I get the feeling he wasn't and thus all the delays and
problems. If he was at first, what do you think changed the situation?

I think Steve was committed (and this is only my opinion), but I have reservations about whether or not he seriously
contemplated touring, promoting and everything else that goes with the job! Having had a much less succesful solo run as his
last road impression, may have increased a "fear" for the task ahead! - (ie. the Strange Medicine tour)

What was Kalodner's reaction to TBF? Did anyone in
the band love the album? Was the reaction of the record company a large
reason for the lack of strong promotion -- or is it hard to promote a
band such as Journey when they're not going on the road.

Everyone in the band was / is happy with Trial By Fire - I think Neal didn't want as many ballads, and more rock - is the only
thing! And YES, a tour was in place - and a lot of promotion - but Steve couldn't (didn't want to) tour, or do press - or much
of anything, and I know there were a lot of dissapointed people, me included. And the band wanted to play - which is what
they're doing now!

Please don't let the band release another cd with bad cover art. I truly believe the covers of TBF and Greatest Hits Live hurt
sales. They were both just awful covers. Especially GH Live.

You can thank Steve Perry for both of those! The band, well I think Jon and Neal, feel exactly the same!

Are you getting tired of reading questions and comments about Steve Perry? :)

No, he is a big part of Journey, and I like him, but he left the band. So, what can you do?

4) Why did Steve Perry leave Journey?

Whether he admits it or not, Steve had fear about playing live! He did hurt his hip in Hawai'i, but I don't believe it was a career
stopping injury - I think people would have loved it if he sang from a chair!!! He is, after all, one of the all-time great rock
singers!! Steve, Paul Rodgers, Steven Tyler - theses are my favorites!

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