Posted by: Kieran ()
Date: August 22, 2000 10:32AM

Well just to throw my hat in the ring , personally I don't mind the likes of Everclear , Marv3 , Goo Goo Dolls etc. etc. but I would not rush out and buy any of it, I would much prefer to spend my money on something more 'traditional' in the melodic/aor vein.Why we have to get into debates about what is relevant is important , I think that the newer bands I mentioned above have no place on this particular board as here, we tend to stick to covering bands that are recognised as melodic rock bands....hence the name of the the point of everybody looking for something new....why is that so important.I like my music in a traditional vein, big powerchords, verse bridge, chorus with big production type thin (not to get into too fine a detail) and have done so for twenty odd years, thats not to say I don't like new up and coming bands, of course I do , but realistically everybody borrows from everybody else.......there are only so many chords and notes and in the course of a decade or two some things are bound to be repeated either in it's entirety or partially.Thats not necessarily a disaster , as long as it's not total plagerism.If every time we went out to buy a new album and forced ourselves to buy something new or something different (as lots of people say they look for) then with the greatest respect nobody would be buying melodic rock records , we would have all branched out into indie/alternative/dance/ fact just about any of the new genres out there.You know ie.death, black, industrial, hip hop rock, grindcore, hardcore, etc etc.You see this is what happens when we chase after something gets defined as a new sub genre and where does that leave melodic oblivion because everybody is buying something new and nobody is bothering with the traditional sound.Everybody is entitled to an opinion , but really this particular board is meant for aor/melodic rock and hopefully will be kept that way.Anyway the likes of Everclear etc. get lots of action on other boards...lets keep this one for discussing bands that are not considered valid by the likes of MTV and melodic hard rock and AOR.One thing though, have all the discussions you want , but when a post/comment degenerates into a personal mud slinging does not reflect well on either the individuals or the board.As I have said time and time again , the only way our kind of music will find its way out of the doldrums is everybody sticking together and creating a good positive scene in which all the bands (and remember most are doing this for the love of the music....not the stacks of money they make out of it NOT!) can thrive.Constructive criticism is always welcome , but please keep the personal slagging matches off the board.....thanks.....just my $0.02 worth.......Kieran

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