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Posted by: Surfpunk ()
Date: August 21, 2000 03:57AM

1) I just thought the 'name' suited the thread. That's all!

2)What's in a name anyway? Plenty of people know just exactly who I am.

3) I've bought every TEN album so far on day one. I LIKE the band but that does not prevent me from being objective about them. Maybe you didn't like my criticism of the attention John Halliwell gets but anyone at any of the Gods performances so far can tell he has, at least, been well down in the mix and after Gary's extremely unfair admission that he didn't really play on the albums in HARD ROXX some time ago I just feel he deserves a better shot at it. What do you think?

4) You said " Please don`t tell me that the opening track on their album (Steelhouse Lane) is anything other than a blatant steal from half a dozen different GIANT songs. By the way, I love the band, but to say they are doing anything other than rehashing old ideas is plain silly". Er...excuse me but even though I like TEN to deny that Gary Hughes comes from the 'cut and paste' school of songwriting is just denying the truth. He's not alone though, Jon Bon, Noel Gallagher, Ginger Wildheart, they're all in there too, so he's in good company.

5) I would love TEN to break big. I've done my share of putting several people who never knew this scene existed on to them and other bands in this genre. Even some others on N&T (Shock! Horror!!) However, the sales you predict, while sounding realistic, are a drop in the ocean of what it is going to take to achieve anything other than 'cult' status for the band in the UK particularly. A good tour support slot would be the best shot because radio is a lost cause. Which is a shame really for what is, to all intents and purposes, 'radio rock'!

6) I'm glad you were provoked enough to reply to the post in the first place. Music IS a passionate subject and as the owner of the label I would EXPECT you to feel passionately about the band. Otherwise why sign them? TEN are a big fish in a small pond at N&T. Signed to a major they would probably just end up being a tax loss. Having said that, if the scene changed a la '86 would you let them go?

7) I'm bored now! Might listen to 'Babylon' again!!!! :)

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