RE: NAPSTER forever!!!
Posted by: Frank ()
Date: August 18, 2000 10:02PM


I couldn't have said it better myself.

For those of you that have climbed on to the napster soapbox...please stand down. There couldn't be a better thing that has happened to the recording industry.

People can now record their own CD's, market them and tour --- without the help of any record company. Combine that with the fact that there is a digital music format small enough to email, and you've got a serious problem for the record companies. Imagine this:

*Artists no long need to sign slavery contracts to get advance money to record an album. 3-5 thousand dollars of computer and sound equipment will do the trick.

*Artists no longer need exclusive distrobution deals to get their music out to the people. The internet can do it for them.

The RIAA sees this as a serious threat to their way of life as they should.

I use napster -- proudly. I, for one, can preview major label crap before I buy. It's far easier for me to justify spending money that I would otherwise spend on MTM and Now and Then releases, if I at least heard the CD before I buy it.

Folks, embrace this technology. It's what will bring good music back to the US -- Underground music will rise to an acceptance level that is well, acceptable. Any artist left fighting for the RIAA will lose. Astists need to harness this technology and ebrace it. They will eventually win out.

If the RIAA wins, and gets laws passed preventing the proliferation of digital music --- we will find outselves in the dark ages of music -- being force fed Britany Spears and NSync. Anyone that claims this is theft is right. It is -- but it is what will force a change in the music industry -- which is what is more important right now!

The genie is out of the bottle here. No sense trying to force it back in. Let's get our three wishes instead.

I for one would have these as my three wishes:

1) Gary Hughes becomes a household name :)
2) Kurt Kopain never shoots himself, instead he becomes a street bum in New York City...getting pissed on, regularly by wall street tycoons. Alternative music suffers an early death in 1993...and the Recording Industry apologizes for the brief idotic move to alternarock and promises that it'll never happen again.
3) Sheryl Crow, Lars Ulrich and all napster hating musicians will get just what they deserve. True hatred from their own fans!

well -- #2 aint gonna happen. But 3 is a good bet, while 1 is a fucking long shot. Oh well...a guy can dream.


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