NAPSTER forever!!!
Posted by: Vince Viani ()
Date: August 17, 2000 03:20PM

Hi all,

Has anyone heard about several attorney generals in the States whom are suing the major labels for raising the price of their cds and engaging in unfair business practices?

I heard about this the other day. I don't know if this is true...but if it've got to be happy about this!!

Finally...somebody with the courage to stand up those bloody thieves...I say it's about time the major labels felt as we consumers have felt for over 10 years...RIPPED OFF!

I say Napster has every right to continue its service even if the major labels are getting ripped off. It serves them right for releasing crap

Maybe if they released better quality products people would actually be interested in buying cds again? (sarcastic mode on).

I mean, who in their right mind would pay $19 for a cd with one good song??!!?!?

To anger the labels even more, people should continue spreading Metallica songs on Napster....I say people should rob them blind as they have been doing to their fans over the years

Now that people are able to produce great quality music on their PCs (thanks to technology) AND market their cds online, the major labels are scared. They had better be...with the bollocks they've been releasing over the years, they should be concerned that artists do not need them anymore!

As the Internet becomes more popular, most marketing will be done on the Internet and soon artists will not even need the major labels to market their cds as much as they needed them before

People should continue using services like Napster and ripping off the major labels...let them come after us one by one!!! They are fighting a losing battle!

Even if you don't like Metallica, download the songs and let them sit on your hard drive....and laugh at Lars Ulrich's ugly dwarf face all day long!!

I will continue buying releases from the INDEPENDENT labels and from the ARTISTS themselves and supporting REAL music. Long live the underground AOR scene and I pray it always stays underground. It is because of its underground stature that the music has had such high quality over the past 10 years

I am content because I know that the money spent on artists on the independent labels like MTM, Now&Then, Z, and from the unsigned artists is money well spent

Let the major labels sit and worry...whilst we fans are enjoying the greatest music on earth and rejoicing because we get the opportunity to listen to TRUE musicians who are loyal to their TRUE fans and sit 10 feet away from them at pubs and small clubs

So I can sit down right now, with a nice cold pint of Newcastle Brown and enjoy FAIR WARNING tunes (the best money ever spent) and smile whilst the major labels are worrying about Napster! Ha!


NP: Fair Warning - "Crazy" (as perfect a melodic hard rock song as you can get!)

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