RE: Gimme a f@*#ing break!
Posted by: F.O.R.D. ()
Date: August 08, 2000 04:17PM

John Q wrote:
It is truly mindboggling how certain people can justify immoral behavior and feel good, even proud, about themselves! Let me get this straight, F.O.R.D.: If I were to walk into 5150 and dubbed me a copy of every song Van Halen have recorded with DLR so far and put them up on the Net so every Napster dweeb out there could download it - that wouldn't be stealing either according to your logic, right? I mean, why give a shit about Van Halen - they're all multi-millionaires anyway and don't need any more money, so why should they (or their label) care what other people do with their creation...?

If you somehow got a hold of the new Van Halen album and put it on Napster, you bet your ass I would download it! And then I would buy the CD the minute it hit the store. I have dozens of Van Halen & Van Hagar songs on my hard drive right now. Only one of them ("Crossing Over") is commercially available at all, and it's pretty hard to come by. As for TimeWarnerAOLNetscapeEMI, no I really don't think they would miss the money that much even if I DIDN'T buy it, but THAT IS NOT WHAT I SAID John. Until the product BECOMES commercially available, nobody is losing any money. There is little doubt that any bootleg that made it out of 5150 right now would be so poor in sound quality that nobody would settle for that version when the CD came out.

Amazing... all you pathetic little fanboys who think you are somehow 'entitled' and have the right to demand when and how you get to hear the next Journey or Van Halen record or whatever, the artists and their wishes be damned, make me ill. There should be someone like the equivalent of the 'Soup Nazi' on 'Seinfeld to set you all straight: "NO JOURNEY FOR YOU!!!!"
Ironic you should use that for your analogy.. Remember what happenned to the Soup Nazi??

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