RE: Dennis DeYoung
Posted by: Debbie ()
Date: April 27, 2000 03:23AM


You keep singling out Tommy in all of your arguments. I'm beginning to think that you have a specific grudge toward Tommy (and only Tommy) since you refuse to acknowledge and admitt to the fact that EVERYONE ELSE in the band (including OTHER ORIGINAL BAND MEMBERS, crew, and management (and even CMC) has all gone along with all of this.

So many people can't possibly be dictated to by one solitary person... Or maybe that's the way someone wanted it to be all along and this person had a very rude awakening last year.

I used to have so much respect for Dennis until all of this nonsense started. Now, I just feel sorry for the man and I would really like to have him back, but I think that he's burned too many bridges for that to happen any time soon.

"Todd," I don't want to get into a personal shouting match with you because you obviously refuse to see both sides to this, but your calling my words "a whole bunch of hooey" was really unnecessary. I was simply recounting and gathering information and history that anyone who even bothers to look can come up with on their own. You will also notice that I also included a list of all the articles (at least, that I know of) that Dennis participated in so that others can read his own words and decide for themselves. Are you going to try to call all of the reporters', interviewers', and even Dennis' own words "hooey" as well? Oh, and I also forgot to mention that there are several audio interviews with Dennis available on as well. Now, surely that is indeed Dennis' voice, now isn't it???

Hmmm, I seem to notice a few AOL addresses popping up lately that are severely anti-Tommy (who also feels the need to harrass someone who isn't even a decision-maker in all this) lately on the 'net. Makes me wonder who this person really is. Hmmm???? I know of at least one person who has made her feelings quite brutally known on the Internet and I'd say that she is *severely* biased.

I don't claim to know everything but I do have a brain and I can read, so I have been able to roughly put the pieces to together on my own. To me, it certainly doesn't sound like Dennis is being shafted by EVERYONE FOR NO APPARENT REASON.


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