RE: Dennis DeYoung
Posted by: ZanGatti ()
Date: April 25, 2000 09:53AM

Vicki, the Goddess of Truth said:

>>Dennis says that in 1983 he would not let the band go on without Tommy
because "Styx is these guys". Funny how his tune changed in 1990...
isn't it?

In 1990, was the ink even dry on the Damn Yankees contract when Dennis
was miraculously freed up sufficiently to reunite Styx? Tommy and JY had
been working toward that reunion with the Panozzo brothers since 1988.
Dennis said he "had to tour to support Boomchild" (a point I'll come
back to). Fine. What a coincidence that he just happened to be freed up
as soon as Tommy was unavailable. Ask yourself, when tommy was on
Rockline with Damn Yankees in 1990 and a fan called in to ask about the
Styx situation, did Tommy say "Those [insert your favorite plural
expletive here] waited until I was signed with Damn Yankees so that they
could go on with Styx without me"? Did Tommy insult the fans who liked
that album, and demean the fans that went to the shows and enjoyed them?
Did he? NO! He most certainly did not. He PROMOTED the 'Edge of the
Century" album AND tour! He told people that he had a copy of the album
and that it is a great album. He told people that he was sure that they
would put on a great show. Do you know why? Did it have to do with the
fact that Tommy wrote and recorded songs for 'Edge of the Century'? Was
it for all those royalties Tommy got for that album? Gee, I don't think
so. So then why DID Tommy promote them? That would be because, despite
what Dennis DeYoung would have people believe, Tommy Shaw has class, and
a love for this band called Styx that surpasses his love for himself! <<

Thank you, Vicki...I was just watching an old tape of "Into the Night with Rick Dees" when STYX was on promoting the "Edge of the Century" album. When Rick casually asked about the break-up in 1984, Dennis' comment (seemingly sarcastic at the time) was and I quote, "It was Wednesday. Wednesdays was garbage day...had to get that garbage out...smells up the garage."

Hmmmm....what could he have meant?

Again, a comment probably made to be funny, but came out nothing but derrogatory and insulting.

Dennis, stick to writing songs...your dialogue kinda stinks like the garbage.

-Zan :)

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