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Posted by: Vicki ()
Date: April 25, 2000 09:14AM

This interview has ruined all the respect that I once had for Dennis DeYoung, not as a musician, but as a human being. Dennis is hurt, that much I understand, but that is absolutely NO excuse to insult, and thus hurt, the fans who have supported your career for over 20 years.

Dennis says that his story hasn't changed, but that is, quite unfortunately, not true. As can be seen from Debbie's post Dennis has done A LOT of speaking on this subject, and here are but a small number of his inconsistencies, as well as a lesson in Styx history .

1) In a letter posted to Dennis states that he worked hard to insure a summer release of the Styx album "Brave New World". He says that it is a good album, and then jokes "what am I gonna say, it stinks?" In the followup article from montreal however, Dennis states that he begged the band to wait six more months before releasing Brave New World because it has, and I quote "too many lousy songs on it".

2)In another letter posted to Dennis states that he wanted it to be clear to the president of CMC records that his illness was not affecting the production of the album. In the followup Montreal Article Dennis states that he did not wish to work on the song "Everything Is Cool" because he was, and I quote "too ill". How can his illness not have affected production of the album if he was too ill to work on one of the songs?

3) In several interviews Dennis complains that the band "won't return my phone calls". In THIS interview he says that they had been calling him (now THAT'S a switch... previously they wouldn't even speak to him), and he ANSWERED them through his attorney. Before admitting that Dennis had been the first to contact his attorney (during the MidWest Beat article) Dennis blasts his bandmates for only contacting him through lawyers (the "they won't even talk to me" line is used here), on a radio interview at Z104 Dennis states that when he was feeling better he decided to cantact the band through his attorney, because (and I quote) "that's just the way it's done". He does not elaborate on that statement. Not only does this make his blasting of his one-time bandmates for only responding through lawyers bad enough on its own... now we find out that they HAD BEEN CALLING HIM!! If he had a problem working through attorneys then tell me, why did he contact his?

4)Dennis says that in 1983 he would not let the band go on without Tommy because "Styx is these guys". Funny how his tune changed in 1990... isn't it?

5)In 1990, was the ink even dry on the Damn Yankees contract when Dennis was miraculously freed up sufficiently to reunite Styx? Tommy and JY had been working toward that reunion with the Panozzo brothers since 1988. Dennis said he "had to tour to support Boomchild" (a point I'll come back to). Fine. What a coincidence that he just happened to be freed up as soon as Tommy was unavailable. Ask yourself, when tommy was on Rockline with Damn Yankees in 1990 and a fan called in to ask about the Styx situation, did Tommy say "Those [insert your favorite plural expletive here] waited until I was signed with Damn Yankees so that they could go on with Styx without me"? Did Tommy insult the fans who liked that album, and demean the fans that went to the shows and enjoyed them? Did he? NO! He most certainly did not. He PROMOTED the 'Edge of the Century" album AND tour! He told people that he had a copy of the album and that it is a great album. He told people that he was sure that they would put on a great show. Do you know why? Did it have to do with the fact that Tommy wrote and recorded songs for 'Edge of the Century'? Was it for all those royalties Tommy got for that album? Gee, I don't think so. So then why DID Tommy promote them? That would be because, despite what Dennis DeYoung would have people believe, Tommy Shaw has class, and a love for this band called Styx that surpasses his love for himself! What a pity the same things can not be said of Dennis DeYoung.

6) In 1990, did Styx change it's name? Did they not use Tommy's songs? Funny, I seem to recall 'Renegade' being the encore that tour.

7)In 1975, when Tommy replaced John Curlewski, did Styx change it's name? Did Styx miss a touring beat? I don't think so. I seem to recall Tommy having a whole big whopping 2 days to learn the material so that they could perform their shows.

8)In 1996 John Panozzo was too ill to tour, but it was expected that John would join the band on the road. Did Dennis cry out against the injustice being done to John? Styx was formed by Chuck and John in THEIR basement. Did Dennis wait for John to get better? Do you honestly believe that John did not WANT to be with the band in 1996? Did Dennis care? Apparently not!

9) Back to the Boomchild tour, obviously this would indicate that Dennis knows how, when you release an album you have an obligation to tour to support that album. Tell me, did Dennis not know the band would have to tour to support Brave New World if the album was released on time? If Dennis really did "beg them to wait for him before touring" why did he also "work to make sure that the album had a summer release"? Am I the only person to whom this makes no sense?

Tommy waited for Dennis in 1988, and Dennis screwed him. How many times is he supposed to wait? Has Dennis ever waited for anyone? Did Dennis wait for John Curlewski in 1975 (or at least change the band's name, since they were promoting a band with songs John C had written)? Did Dennis wait for Tommy in 1990? Did Dennis wait for John P in 1996?

Dennis has OPENLY criticized the venues that Styx has been playing (to wit: "what is Styx doing playing places like Akron?" I tell you, I wouldn't expect for Dennis to sell many copies of his next album there!). If Dennis was to come back, what would happen to those shows already scheduled for smaller venues?

Dennis has openly criticized the fans (something NONE of the other members of Styx have EVER done), and has now lost many fans because of it.

Dennis is totally alienating the Styx fanbase, and blames it on Tommy and JY. Dennis has totally alienated his band mates, and says that it is because they are treating him poorly. When Dennis makes statements like "Brave New World has too many lousy songs on it", and "they (Tommy and JY) are destroying the fanbase", do you expect them to keep promoting him? Would you? Wouldn't you distance yourself from this person who is giving you bad press? Dennis' solo show in Chicago was advertised on the front page of the Styx web site. Tommy CONGRATULATED Dennis on a sold out show in an interview, and told the interviewer (the first Montreal article) what good things he had been hearing about the show. Before that show Tommy told a fan in chat that he was sure it would be an incredible show, and that he would expect nothing less from Dennis. What a horrible person that Tommy Shaw is!! How dare he say such horrid things about Dennis! Oh, that's right... those were compliments, how foolish of me. Tell me, when was the last time that Dennis supported one of Tommy's efforts?

Quite frankly, if anyone is tearing apart the fanbase it is Dennis himself. If anyone has shown an utter lack of concern for the band and it's reputation, it's Dennis. Dennis has shown that his love for himself is the greatest love he has. Personally, I hope Dennis NEVER returns to Styx, and if Tommy DOES take him back I will personally fly out to LA just to slap Tommy upside the head for being stupid enough to take that uncaring egomaniacal jerk back. (OK, I'm exaggerating, but I will tell Tommy in chat!)

There is a reason why industry people are jaded. It is because when they meet the people they spent their lives admiring and respecting, the people who inspired them to be where they are today, those people, more likely than not, turn out to be like Dennis DeYoung. I am just grateful that I still have Tommy Shaw, James Young, Chuck Panozzo, John Panozzo, Glen Burtnik, Todd Sucherman, and Larry Gowan to look up to. I have met them all, and it was a pleasure each time I was fortunate enough to do so. For all of the member changes in Styx, the only person to have not worked with Tommy is John C, because he left the band before Tommy joined. Even Glen, who replaced Tommy in 1990, has NO PROBLEMS working with Tommy. If that is not an indication of where the problems really lie, I don't know what is. When 6 people can work together in ANY combination, and a 7th person can't seem to work with them in any combination, who is at fault?

Dennis is a talented man, I will give you that. If you think that gives him the right to insult his fans and be a class-A jerk then you have a LOT to learn about life. He may get away with this kind of thing, but that does not make it right. This time, he didn't get away with it, and I for one am glad he didn't.



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