RE: Dennis DeYoung
Posted by: Dawn-Marie ()
Date: April 25, 2000 03:09AM

As for the interview with DDY I have PLENTY to say. I have been a Styx fan since 1977. I love ALL of the guys. I followed them all during their solo careers (even having flown to Nashville to see DDY's musical "Hunchback"--TWICE!)

But after this interview with DDY, he's completely and totally "lost my vote". The "drinking the bathwater" comment can only be taken one way, as an insult to the online community of Styx fans.

I can understand he might (and I say "might" because there are always 3 sides to every story) have a beef with the other fellas (namely Tommy and JY) but I think his recent comments and behavior are completely unprofessional. DDY has continually made public slams which do not become him whatsoever. (Nor do they earn any respect with me.) Tommy and JY have said NOTHING publicly and that's the way I think it should be. I, as a fan, do not want to hear about the band's dirty laundry. I know he probably feels that he has gotten a bum deal. That’s understandable and I feel terrible about that. However, using the media for public put-downs of the other band-members is just plain childish.

Now as for the “bathwater” comment, in my opinion it only shows how ignorant DDY is of the size and power of the Internet. He is WAY BEHIND the times and in need of a serious education when it comes to the online community. To assume the Internet fan base is only a small minority is a major faux pas indeed!

The Internet Styx fans are Doctors, Lawyers, Policemen (women), Managers, Directors, Professionals, Mothers, Fathers, Children (2nd generation Styx fans) and the like. DDY has insulted every last one of them with his comments.

It's bad enough he's using public forums to "dis" the other band members (like an aggravated child if you ask me). But to then insult the fan base on top of that is going WAY TOO FAR. He has bitten the hand that feeds him and I’m afraid that from now on he will find he has much less support than he's had in the past.

As for myself, after 23 years of respect and admiration for DDY and his work, I am proverbially "pushed over that fence". Since he seems to think that I, and many others online, are nothing but stalkers, freaks and “bathwater” drinkers. That being the case, why should I have any respect for him or support for his career? DDY seems to have no respect whatsoever for his fans. This interview made that quite apparent.

It is INDEED a sad day for Styx fans everywhere.

Extremely disappointed in NYC. :^(

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