Dennis DeYoung
Posted by: SC ()
Date: April 24, 2000 02:47AM

Andrew, thanks for doing the Dennis DeYoung interview. I have to say, it's nice to hear his side of things. But you have to wonder, what are the other members of the band thinking?

I can't speak for anywhere else in the country, but in Phoenix, Arizona, the newspaper and radio ads make no mention of who is in Styx on this tour. At least Journey went out of their way to let people know "Steve Perry is no longer with the band". The radio ad named all the members who were going to be playing. They even went so far as to cut a 2 track promo live CD to showcase the talents of Steve Augeri, which a local station went so far as to play the cuts numerous times for people who couldn't believe how much Augeri sounded like Perry.

I would be willing to bet that at least 97% of the people going to see Styx on this tour have no idea that Dennis will not be with them. It seems rather obvious that the other members know how valuable the Styx name is(or was)and see fit to do with it what they will...without telling the fans. Now, from what I have heard of this tour, Dennis' repalcement(Laurence Gowan I believe, I could be wrong)is absolutely outstanding. I hear the shows are great, but that doesn't give the band any right to attempt to pull off such a charade. I wish Laurence luck, as any time an original member is replaced, there are usually big shoes to fill. In Dennis' case, they are HUGE. Personally, I think the band should use a different name. Something that identifies them with their past. Like "Equinox featuring members of Styx" or better yet, how about 'Grand Illusion'. Tommy and JY, you're only fooling yourselves(sorry about the pun)if you think you can carry on the name and more importantly, the spirit of Styx without Dennis.

I am heartbroken after hearing what has happened, and after seeing what everyone has had to say(including Dennis not being allowed access to the Styx page - that speaks volumes doesn't it?), I tend to believe Dennis' side of things. The guy started the band. Tommy was a replacement member. The band as it is today is mainly comprised of replacement members. Nothing against that, they're all good musicians and songwriters in their own rite. Heck, even Journey, Iron Maiden, UFO, The Eagles' lineups that weren't original were more popular than the originals were. But the Journey saga is different. Steve apparently didn't want to come back. Dennis clearly did. It's in his blood. HE IS STYX! But you would think the guys could have some compassion and get on to some other solo projects while waiting for Dennis to make his recovery. I have lost a lot of respect for Tommy and JY. Together with Dennis, they were a great team.

Oh yeah, speaking of Brave New World, I was blown away the fact that it was released the way it was. The cover is the worst looking thing I've laid eyes on in ages! And the songs, well, they definitely had some potential, but something overall was missing. It was seriously lacking cohesiveness. Check back in about 5-10 years time and see where the album stands. Not in the top 5 Styx albums. Probably not even in the top 10.

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