Posted by: John Q ()
Date: July 27, 2000 03:21PM

Kaos, I think you're seeing things a bit optimistic when it comes to the state of (melodic hard) rock and the chances of it making a comeback (but keep buying those CD's...:-)).

1. The increased traffic this board gets is by no means an indication that more people are buying melodic rock. I think it means that more older people who are into this type of music are getting on the Net and finding sites such as this one. I betcha that if everyone here revealed their age, we'd have about 2 people under the age of 20.

2. I serioiusly doubt any of the majors will pay any attention if MTM, Z, Escape, etc. survive and keep selling 5 to 10'000 copies (I wish...) each time out. They could care less. The game has changed - artist development and staying with a particular band is no longer 'necessary' because the industry can make as much -or even more - money exploiting trend after trend. That's the way pop music has been for ages, but the disease has spread and is running rampant in rock as well now. It WILL hurt the labels in the long run because there's no back catalog that will make them money 25 years from now because everything is so disposable at this point. The label execs know this but no one can or wants to pull the emergency break anymore. This is an unstoppable runaway train...

3. Poison and Maiden as well as many other veteran bands still draw well live, but it does not translate into record sales. Ever go to any of these shows? See any young kids? Hardly. Yes, many older fans still go out and don't mind paying big bucks to see the bands they dug in their teens and twenties. To them, it's a nostalgia thing, a chance to feel young again for a night, but the vast majority will not buy a new Poison or Maiden record (BNW sold about as much as Motley Crue out of the box and is probably already off the charts or on its way out...). They'd rather listen to what they already have, the classics. Kiss played friggin' baseball stadiums on the 'Psycho Circus' tour, to 20.000, 40.000 and sometimes even more people, and the damn record still didn't go gold or just barely. What does that tell you? Meanwhile, you can have young MTV bands that play way smaller venues but you can bet the farm that every last kid there either already has the album or will run out afterwards and buy it. Peer pressure helps - gotta buy Papa Roach if you want to be cool. Doesn't work that way with the 30-somethings. They're too busy changing diapers to worry about stuff like that...

4. Even if Ten was offered a huge tour, say 2 months doing sheds in the US, they'd have to turn it down coz there's no way in hell their label could afford to put them on the road for even 2 weeks. They'd go thru 150k in tour support in 8 weeks like that! That's gonna bankrupt any indie label right there! And since indies don't have the distribution capabilities the majors have, they'd never even have a chance to recoup that investment because the records simply wouldn't be in all the big stores where most people buy their music. Conversely, a major is not gonna sign a bands like Ten because they sound like they're about 15 years behind the trend - and look that way, too. It's all a big catch 22 and I honestly don't see it changing. It would be interesting to see a bunch of 18, 20-year old kids with a contemporary look play classic melodic rock - that could fly commercially. But the chances of that happening are miniscule because kids nowadays grow up on a completely different mix of music than kids in the 70's and 80's did and it comes out in their music when these kids form bands. I mean, do you remember a band in say '82 that looked and sounded like Herman's Hermits or some such? If there was, I/we would've laughed them off. That's how kids today must feel when they see pictures of Poison, for example, and are confronted with 'Talk Dirty To Me'. Totally and completely alien... and you can't really blame them, can you? It's just the way of the world...

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