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Date: July 19, 2000 05:06AM

For you folks that may be interested, I swiped the Def Lep chat transcript from last week...........Interestingly enough, we finally get the enigmatic reference to "Ring of Fire" on the inside sleeve of Retroactive cleared up!


Question: OK guys... .no need for a big introduction! We all know who we've got here tonight!!

Rick Allen and Phil Collen from Def Leppard... and they're getting ready to start their summer tour. So without further delay, ... let's rock!

Phil: Howdy folks!

Rick: Glad to be here!

Question: I was wondering how the song list will differ from last summers tour, and are you gonna take your famous trademark shirt off earlier this time?

Rick: I think we're adding a couple of new songs but it's somewhat of a continuation maybe Phil's got some things up his sleeves that I don't already know about. Phil?

Phil: Depends how hot it is, depends on if I've lost enough weight, 21st Century and Day After Day may be added of what we already did, but if anyone has any suggestions feel free to speak up!

Question: Do you have any say in what becomes a single or is it all the Record Company and have you ever disagreed with their choices?

Phil: Usually it’s obvious, we have had a difference of opinion in different countries, the record companies decided to release Women in America and they released Animal in Europe. We try to make every song strong, so it’s hard to make a choice. Sometimes it can be quite confusing (it certainly confuses us)

Rick: Yeah...we've disagree with their choices on a few occasions but most times it's obvious what's popular with the fans.

Question: For either Phil or Rick:. Is there a story behind the song "Ring of Fire" and if so what is it?

Rick :I think it was after going out for a very hot hot indian meal one night and it pertains to a certain part of your body that would suffer after the fact. I'm afraid it's not very mystical.

Question: Euphoria is good, but we really prefer the artistic synergism of Slang. Are there any plans for something similar in the future?

Phil: How about something in between the two?

Rick: That's kind of what we tried to do on the last album anyway, to a certain degree.

Rick: We learned a lot from making a record like Slang in terms of production. But unfortunately I don't think it was particularly the right time for it so not as many people got it as we would have liked.

Question: I was wondering how you prepare yourselves to go out on the road?

Rick: At the moment, just watching what I'm eating. Trying to swim as much as I can. I've been to the gym a few times but I spend a lot of time outdoors anyway so I'm pretty healthy in that department. I've been a vegetarian for many, many years so I think diet and the combination of a few things really helps me prepare. And...lots of lots of sex. ::grins::

Phil: Exercise more and eat less! Or is it eat more and exercise less (that would be more fun)

Question: Rick, will there be a chance for the fans to hear any of the side projects you did in LA with Mark Mason??

Rick: You know...I don't really know. I helped him out because he was having trouble with drummers. I think a lot of people have trouble with drummers. It was great though... it got me off the street corners, get me into it physically, but it's entirely up to Mark. It was good just to be the drummer as I wasn't involved in any other part.

Question: Will we be hearing All Night on this tour?

Phil: Not in the first week or so, but if it becomes a request then we will, we will have to learn it first (we haven't played it live yet) it would be fun!

Question: First congrats to Sav, does it feel even more like family when mostly all of you have children? Will this change the way you tour, like being more laid back parents, and not getting into the wild rock scene?

Phil: What's the wild rock scene?

Rick: Phil can answer this one cause he's got his son coming out for the summer.

Phil: The two people that are online haven't drank in years, so we probably aren't the right people to ask. Rory is coming on tour with us so he will be keeping an eye on me.

Rick: Yeah really, it's rock and roll tea parties these days.

Question: I am wondering when the DVD's for your videos will be coming out, and about the possibility of a box collection or live CD set. Thanks!

Phil: Good question. The DVD thing should be happening, we already have a live album recorded and at some point we would like to put out a collection but not right now.

Question: Brooks from NJ here.... Phil, will we possibly see any of your earlier Jackson models on this leg of the tour or any new PC1's? Maybe the taxi yellow doubleneck?

Phil: You know, all of my stuff has gone out already, but theres a new one - its a natural ash body PC1 and it rocks!!

Question: Are the tour dates all set or will there be more added?

Rick: Personally, I hope there will be more added. But because of the birth of Sav's baby, we kind of started late, so I don't know how much of an opportunity there will be to add more. It was obviously more important for little Tyler to come into this world. ;)

Phil: I think they are set, but more can always be added.

Question: Who decides what songs to play for the shows?

Phil: We all try them out and some work consistently and some don't, its just a process of elimination.

Rick: There's a certain running order we like to play in terms of excitement, but it's always changeable and usually it's a decision between everybody of what works.

Question: I am very happy about the change to your Official Website! Good choice!!

Rick: Good! Actually, Mark has been around for a long time. We've loved him and thought he was great, but the powers that be wouldn't let us go in that direction previously until they saw that what he was doing was far, far superior.

Phil: Thank you! We wanted to use Mark a long time ago and we are very pleased about it.

Question: What are the best ways for the fans to help promote the band?

Phil: Requests on the radio, phone in, faxes, and top 40 radio stations as well

Rick: And also, being involved with the internet and all. Word of mouth is a wonderful thing, so you on the internet can *tell a friend*. can run down the street naked screaming Def Leppard at the top of your lungs. I think people can be quite creative in that department.

Question: Are there any of the new artist of today that you enjoy? And do you see any Leppard influence in them?

Rick: Everybody kind of influences everybody else these borrow ideas. I hear a lot of Lepp in many bands. For new artists I really enjoy A Perfect Circle. They have a great sound.

Rick: It's nice to see somebody, an underdog, come up through the ranks and do well.

Phil: I hear it all the time, especially in vocals, when you listen to the Backstreet Boys or Nsync, they have all the backing vocals that we've always done.

Question: I noticed that you guys mostly married Mid-Western girls? I am from Detroit, are we more crazy or what?

Phil: Why is that? I don't know. I think it’s a plot. ;)

Rick: It's the fact that we're popular out there and we keep going back there, plus those winters are REALLY, really cold out there. ::laughs::

Question: Have you ever considered releasing a dance mix of any of the funkier songs? (like 21st Century Sha La La La Girl, Slang, etc)

Rick: We've talked about it but whether it will ever come to fruition is a different story. It's very expensive to do Dance Mixes, especially if you want to do really good ones. Butt maybe in the near future we could come up with one ourselves, as we all get into computers more heavily. That would be interesting.

Phil: Yeah we have, we are waiting for an offer for someone to mix them, we had talked about it but couldn't find anyone.

Question: Do you guys already have a direction in mind for the next album or is it just way too early to even think about at this point?

Phil: I've got some ideas of what we should probably do. Great melodic songs, there are a million different directions that we can go in. A good direction would be something in between Slang and Euphoria.

Rick: It's never really too early. A good song is a good song. And whenever we get together in the studio or whatever, it's just a matter of presenting what we have and then finding the direction from there.

Question: Hi Phil, - I was wondering, do you practice meditation, and if so, how does it fit in with writing and performing?

Phil: I would like to do it a lot more, I am always flying around so I just try to fit everything in when I can, things are a bit hectic right now.

Question: Opinions on Napster??

Rick: No opinion whatsoever.

Phil: It's illegal, we all sign publishing deals and its illegal to do what they are doing. You can't just walk into a store and take something, there are laws and I'm glad to see that it is being addressed and that something is being done about it.

Rick: It's robbery!

Question: Will you have a fan club where fans can purchase tickets first, fan club passes, and so on?

Phil: I don't know, that would be a cool idea, a good way to go.

Rick: Yeah, we just haven't really talked about it before.

Question: Any television appearances planned this leg?

Phil: No.

Rick: You know...I've been enjoying being a civilian and I've been out of the loop so I really don't know.

Question: Any chances of hearing Bringing On The Heartbreak this tour? It's a Lepp standard!!

Rick: I hope so.

Phil: Yes it could be a good chance actually.

Rick: I always really enjoyed playing that song, but it just comes down to how many songs. I agree, though, it's a standard.

Question: Where do the ideas come from for the videos and any video plans in your heads right now?

Rick: Obviously we have ideas we'd like to present. But normally what happens is we try to get a dialect going between ourselves and a director and then hopefully we can come up with something everybody is happy with.

Phil: We usually get a cool director and go with what they say, we don't have any planned at the moment, a bunch of guys send us a bunch of scripts and we change the parts we don't like, and there you go.

Question: Rick, why havent we heard any drum solos in concert for a while?

Rick: I don't know. I'd kind of rather express myself within the music.

Rick: If I want to play a drum solo, I can always go into a room and play where nobody can here me and I won't annoy the band. Besides...if I play a drum solo, then Sav would want a base solo .. LOL and it opens up a can of worms. :)

Phil: And then Joe would want a guitar solo and we can't have that! LOL

Question: Hey guys, when and why did you become vegetarians?

Rick: For came around about the time when I had my accident. I was toying with the idea for a while. Just a spiritual element. And it's always seemed a little cannibalistic to me. And if you ever looked a furry-eared cow in the eyes, you'll know what we mean.

Phil: Because I don't like the idea of eating little dead animals. Its been 17 years for me. The dead animal in the fridge thing just freaked me out. Do you know what's in sausages??

Question: Tell us Phil!! ;)

Question: Who decides where you guys play? I see a lack of CA dates.

Phil: Yeah we are pissed off about that, we have no idea why, speak to our management and our promoters.

Question: Who will be opening the shows? I've heard the Unband but then I’ve also heard Bar 7 may do some as well (ex Tesla)

Rick: The other day I just heard the Unband, but I haven't heard anything but that. But you know...some of you people know more than we do...seriously. :)

Phil: Not a clue, we have heard Bar 7 also but I really haven't got a clue.

Question: Do you believe you do enough for your fans or would you like to have more interaction with them. We really live just to get to shake your hands and tell you how important your music is to us!

Phil: Come on up and shake our hands! We don't bite.

Rick: Hopefully this summer we'll be doing some in-stores and maybe people will have

the opportunity to do that too.

Question: That wraps things up tonight!! Any last comments Rick, Phil??

Phil: See you out on tour. The reason we are touring is because this album should be multi-platinum and its not! Get out to the shows and we will see you out there! Good night!

Rick: Phil ... I'll see you Saturday Morning bright and early and Starbucks, LAX.

Rick: LOL!! Really, thank you all for coming to chat with us tonight.

Question: Thanks Rick! Thanks Phil!!

Rick: Goodnight!

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