RE: Where is Derek 'Del Boy' Oliver?
Posted by: John Q ()
Date: July 23, 2000 05:54AM

The more you write the more I'm getting to like you Q.

I'm really enjoying this lil' exchange maself... :-)

try to figure out what the next cutting edge aggro rock trend will be. Rap metal? Stoner rap?

LOL! I'm picturing Kyuss reforming with Dr. Dre on vocals!!!

Bizarre costume metal?

ROTFLMAO! That's too funny!

Typically and Inevitably that trend usually comes from some completely left field source, one that catches most record co. folk completely on the hop. Look at Marilyn Manson...who saw that one coming?

You are right about those trends hitting out of left field. I remember hearing the first Manson album and going, 'God, who signed this - there are NO songs!' Of course, if you look as over the top as MM did then, perfect timing too after the anti-rock star low key grunge/alterna look phase, you don't need songs in a country like America where, thanks to MTV, it's all about image, image and image. And if it then turns out you do need at least A song after all, there's always Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart who know how to write those darn things.

Re the Toilet's...not a day goes by when I don't have the same thoughts. What will folk outside of New York, Lost Angeles and London make of such a flamboyant bunch of lower East Village reprobates? I always come back to the same conclusion though...who'd had thought Kiss or Twisted Sister would have made the grade...and if they won the day then anythings possible.

Well, I will say that Kiss or Twisted Sister are better names than Toilet Boys - the latter just really leaves nothing to the imagination or may even give people the wrong impression. It's always hard to figure out what ultimately goes in terms of flamboyance and weirdness. I mean, when I first heard System Of A Down I said to myself 'who in hell outside of Yerevan, L.A. and maybe New York can relate to a band that sounds like Armenian folk meets Korn via manic polka beats, with a singer who looks like he's from your average Hizbollah death squad and whose vocal style is equal parts minaret singer and pissed off hardcore screamer?' Next thing you know they have a gold record and Ozzy takes them out on the road any chance he gets.

One things for sure they're flippin' fantastic in concert and if we get the album right I reckon the world might just be ready for a good dollop of smoke bombs, rocket firing guitars and fire breathing 6' 6" wildmen playing souped up eighties rock . Great bunch of guys too...don't be fooled by the Tatoo's and Johnny Thunders leather pants...

That does sound like one heck of a live show... tatts and NY Dolls leather is alright with me. If you're gonna be all-out rock'n'roll, you might as well be ALL-OUT ROCK'N'ROLL!

Thanks too for the props about Gwin Spencer....she played me some stuff over the telephone and the solo's sounded like Billy Gibbons had plugged into a nuclear power station! She's got one song 'Addicted to The Motion' that's an all time rock classic...when I get a tape I'll do an MP3 and let you hear it.

I'm looking forward to that - thanx for the offer.

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