speaking of Two Fires....
Posted by: Kevin ()
Date: July 18, 2000 06:12AM

maybe this is time to get a few points of view about the wide-ranging reaction to this release........but maybe before I get started, my points on Chalfant's career might be there as to why I feel the way I do...

707........hmm...average, at best. Maybe one or two good songs.
Steel Breeze.....way too poppy for my tastes, so I'll leave it at that.
The View...I'll reserve judgement until I hear the entire cd released, but of the infamous 7-song demo tape, this was the first time I was impressed with Chalfant. The original--and just slightly changed--version of "Remember" was on here.........why did it come out on 2F instead of The View cd?!?!?!?
The Storm - s/t.....interesting cd here for me. Definitely quite a few killer songs, but also a few fillers and more of the "average-to-kinda-good" songs. Good album? yea, I think so and not a bad debut either--especially on certain songs. Great/landmark cd? I don't think so, but on the other hand....
The Storm - Eye of the Storm.....one of the landmark, legendary AOR cds EVER for me and in my top 10 ever releases. Everything gelled on this cd and the promise of those few really exceptional moments of the debut was fulfilled. The Rolie/Chalfand were brilliant and songwise, I think the cd was better than any Journey cd as far as number of "killer songs" on the cd went. Under the right market with enough promotion, this should have established The Storm in the US, especially since they were kinda known after the tours and singles from the 1st cd.
Kevin Chalfant - Running with the Wind.....different, as expected, from The Storm, but I think it was pretty impressive for what it was. Couple of killer songs on this one also.

now.....to Two Fires.........couple of killers on here also, but I think there are quite a few of the "just ok" songs here also--so this goes similar to my review of the debut Storm cd, and more or less equal to Andrew's review. Also, I kinda liken it to one of Steve Perry's solo cds where you have a great voice, but the songs just don't fully reach those heights possible with the full band project.

so, for those that are saying this is SO good, what are you hearing there that I'm missing? I didn't expect another EOTS, but I'm hearing something almost like the feeling that the drive to create something really spectacular just wasn't there. What is everybody hearing here?


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