More on the new Velocity...DV speaks!
Posted by: Jack ()
Date: July 12, 2000 07:25AM

I think once you get past the fact that the song doesn't match your expectations of what your mind says Velocity is supposed to sound like, it gets better. So it is indeed a grower. But it still has that dark, moody feel, although it isn't out-and-out grunge. And yes, David Vicotr still sounds very much like himself. Like I said, I'd be totally cool with this song as being an experimental thing on the album along with one or two other tracks, but a whole album in that vein isn't something I'd be that happy with it. We need more summertime, more catchiness, more driving upbeat energy to balance out the big bad angry riffs! Of course, I can't really give an opinion about it, because we have yet to hear the's just that if Stay has been released as the single and lead-off track to show the fans, then that means it was chosen because it's indicative of the album as a whole, am I right?

Anyway, David V. himself sent the following message to guy in the AOR List, and I thought I'd steal it to share with you boys & girls.


Glad to see you championing the new's funny to hear that people
think it's so "modern" sounding, because the main reason Portrait didn't
want to sign us was they didn't think it wasn't modern enough! I happen to
think it really succeeds in the way I conceived of it: a cool meat 'n
potatoes rocker with an up-to-date production sheen. Take away the
production flourishes, and is it *really* all that different from something
like "Love Is Dangerous"?
Look at some of the other parts of "Stay": intro and bridge are
Leppard-esqe, and the pre-chorus and chorus are very melodic-rock, and
there's even a (albeit short) solo for gawdsakes. How many "grunge"
releases have solos at all anymore? About the only nod to the 90's is the
down-tuned verse riff, which I happen to think sounds cool. And let's face
it, my voice hasn't changed and never will change (will I ever hit puberty?
;-)) Is anyone ever going to confuse David Victor with Eddie Vedder?
I have a feeling that there are a few melodic rock fans that haven't really
listened to anything that's been released in the last five years. I had one
guy write us and say that we now sounded like Korn, Kid Rock or Limp
Bizkit!?! That is likely a person that not only doesn't buy albums by
those bands, but probably has never even heard those bands. Because we have
one tune with a dropped-D tuning now we're Korn? Uh-huh, right.
So how do we continue to fight the good fight? My feeling is that we work
to find a sound that is both acceptable to radio and our fans...championing
the cause in such a way that it actually has a chance to succeed. The fact
is for any type of music to have a prayer, radio must be involved. We saw
that in Utah. When the tunes were on the air, 'IMPACT' was flying off the
shelves. Unfortunately the stations that did put us in solid rotation were
the exception not the rule, and when the corporations consolidated their
hold on rock radio in '98 and '99, those opportunities dried up.
As far as I'm concerned, we are among a very select few bands who are trying
to bring melody back to rock radio and the public conciousness as a whole.
Perhaps the melodic rock community as a whole is so used to bands "selling
out" that Velocity is now being held up as yet another victim. Well, look
(and listen!) again, because we are not buying into any of that. Velocity
has always and will always stand for straight-forward rock 'n roll!Keep rockin',

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More on the new Velocity...DV speaks!265 Jack 07/12/2000 07:25AM

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