Hate to rain on your parade, but.....
Posted by: Jack ()
Date: July 08, 2000 06:05AM

So is Gildersleeves well on it's way to becoming a good seller?

Actually, no. The reason you find it hard to believe is because, while it may not be strictly untrue, it is extremely misleading to say that it shot up to 1,500 because lots of people were buying it.

The fact that at the given moment Susumu visited the page it said "Ranking: 1,500" doesn't mean that so many people are buying it that it has somehow caught up to the hordes of other releases. You have to see how Amazon.com's rating system works - it is not based on overall sales, but on sales NOW. The sales ratings are constantly being updated several times a day. What that means is that if I bought a CD that was hardly selling and has a rating around 15,000 or so, the next day it will have shot way past the hordes of CDs rated in the back just like it and that aren't selling either. So Gildersleeves will be *temporarily* several thousand places in the front. Especially if on that particular day, the other CDs ranked over 1,000 or so weren't being bought. To state the obvious, if I buy a copy of Gildersleeves it's not going to get a whole lot of competition from CDs placed at 3,000 or 8,000 because since those are also ranked at the back, odds are they won't have sold at all that day. So the ranking corresponds for a day or less, and gradually as the other no-selling CD's at the back catch up, Gildersleevs will fall accordingly. It's a temporary illusion based on the sale of one or two CDs. I just took a peek and it's back down to 6,800 and falling fast.....

The fact that you have to wait 4 - 6 weeks for them to get Gildersleeves in stock after you order it sure isn't helping any. In fact, do you really want to know how close Gildersleeves is to making it to the Billboard charts? According to Soundscan, the amount of CDs sold of Gilderleeves in the US is less than 300. The is the version sold in the US from Low Dice Records (the same one offered by Amazon) - figures from Japan & Europe are larger I'm sure, but don't count for the Billboard charts and are of other record labels.

Hell, I remember trying to find the CD of Gildersleeves when I was in the US in April to no avail. I searched everywhere, from Virgin to Tower to Borders to the smaller retail stores: nothing. So this talk about it even being on release in the US is only half-true.....a few scattered copied may be out there someplace, but good luck getting it!

I like D2 as much as the next man (probably more!) and appreciate and understand Susumu's enthusiasm, but we shouldn't get all excited about something that is very, very far from being true.


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