Agreed, Snake
Posted by: Doc K ()
Date: September 11, 2001 05:07AM

Snake, it loses something in translation to anyone overseas who did not grow up in this country and has not seen morality slip down the river. MTV is indeed the purveyor of garbage and indeed has an agenda in terms of which message should be portrayed for public (read, children's) consumption.

I began to think Peter had a clue in a post up above where he made some pointed comments about the government spending too much on military affiars and too little on the lower class. Unfortunately, posts like this are akin to snap judgments by those who aren't in the day-to-day wars. Calling people too old, lambasting them for having an opinion on ideas like morality and free speech---all, tried and true tactics of the new power brokers: those who want to ram their ideas about morality, feminazi ideals, abortion, sexuality and alternative lifestyles down the throats of the masses. It all reminds me of John Carpenter's "They Live". There's something going on and it's changing us drastically. Sadly, no one can look up from their own daily comings and goings to see it.

Yeah, I know. I'm old, paranoid and out of touch.

And an ultimate fan of The Who to boot. What's wrong with this picture.

Snake, your comments about the 80's were right on target and serve to short-circuit Pete's own historical revisionism. On a board that cherishes the music of the 70's and 80's, it's hard to believe anyone would be too young or too mentally vapid to share the view that today's MTV-blessed messages are the same from 15 or 20 years ago. Double-standard? No, outright inequity with regards to how to proceed.

I have no doubt that McGrath and company see themselves as purveyors of cultural change and fancy their role as an entity that can push the envelope where what's acceptable and unacceptable are concerned. Wonder what Bob Pittman would say about his creation. Maybe he'd approve. Maybe not.

My only response to any other folks who share Peter's wisdom would be to sit with kids who are 'with it' and talk a little. If you're a caring adult, you'll know what I mean.

BTW, Pete, as someone who appreciates music like you, I'd be glad to hear who you feel could even shine Frank Sinatra's shoes today.

Appreciate talent?



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