Re: My thoughts....
Posted by: Doc K ()
Date: September 09, 2001 12:16PM

Peter, this is my last posting to you. I am in agreement with some of your points and have to laugh about many others. Your latest line about the middle class not shooting people reveals the state of denial you are in. Let me remind you with some catch words:

San Diego

The list goes on. In the inner city, our kids tend to chuckle at this. They have told me over the years that it is quite amazing that school shootings most always take place in lilly white middle class suburbs. In their all-too-real way of looking at it, these kids need a stage to act out their frustrations. School happens to be a great stage. And by the way, inner city kids generally laugh about some of the frustrations.

Inner city kids generally regard schools as last bastions of safety. Unlike their suburban counterparts, it is one of the few places they DON'T hear gunfire.

Please. Get your stories straight.

I would challenge you to compare playlists from the MTV of, let's say 1985 and the MTV of today. Perhaps has such archives. You'd be surprised by what was being played. You'd be surprised about the variety of shows.

Now, saturation is the king.

I remember MTV being chastised by the black community for not playing rap videos back in the early days of the station. I remember the advent of Fab Five Freddy and Grand Master Flash finally getting played. And I remember Blondie's 'Rapture' getting aired. I remember MTV airing shows like Yo MTV Raps, Headbangers Ball and an Alternative show late at night in between the playlist I mentioned.

Sorry Pete. Glam was NEVER in control. That won't fly here. 24 hours of saturation with groups like the Crue never was the rule.

And the MTV music awards itself was never the endless stream of scum and un-talent it is now (in a musical sense). It wasn't the mixture of thugs and bad taste you seem to defend now.

Please, watch some earlier shows.

The agenda behind the programming effort is clear. Read the Drudge Report above.

Lastly, about not taking ownership of one's own actions...or of one's own kids.....
we live in an excuse ridden society. It is what it is. Peer pressure and electronic media are powerful influences to begin with--and now--with many if not most kids coming from broken homes, it provides THE messages to live by. And Pete, you seem to approve of the messages kids are being bombed with via MTV. In your wisdom, they are just an extension---a pushing of the envelope--of ideas that begin in the 60's.


Frank Sinatra once called rock n roll the most hateful, grotesque music form he'd ever heard.

No doubt, he's doing flips in his grave if he's heard modern rap.

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