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Posted by: Doc K ()
Date: September 08, 2001 12:53PM

First off, to Peter....
I'll agree that few eras have produced musical idols that Mom and Dad would approve of. That's not the issue here. Glam was never as pervasive as the twin killers , rap and pop. In fact, the two genres have lines so blurred--with 'pop' artists rapping in their songs, that they have become almost as one.

I'll agree that the Crue's lyrics were questionable and that Poison would be in the same boat. But their lyrics weren't being echoed across the board in rock and roll.

It's easy to say that the same themes that rockers preached about in the 60's, 70's,80's are being espoused today. While that may have some credence, time has pushed the envelope in terms of what is acceptable and unacceptable in a musical sense. Our culture--growing ever more permissive--has turned a blind eye towards references to killings, gangs, booze, whores, weed and crack. These are things that weren't said in those days and if they were referred to, they weren't something the average 10 year old could easily access and comprehend.

The major difference you so neatly sidestep is the issue of lack of parental control--the true defining difference in all of the eras you mentioned. When I started teaching, one parent---or no parent--homes was an inner city phenomenon. Now, it's commonplace in suburbia, as well.

Without a significant parental figure to guide and nurture a child, the child is thrown to society for upbringing. Sometimes it works out. Most times, it doesn't.

As a long-time teacher, I'm sick to death of hearing bleeding hearts talk about free speech. I'm nauseated by people who'd want to tell me about artistic freedom. And I'm fed up with ideas that somehow, this all correlates to the 60's, 70's and 80's. I'm fed up with individuals who'd tell me that the power of TV and radio mean nothing on a kid.

Maybe this is because I'm tired of seeing an ever-growing list of kids who dies before they reached 25. I'm tired of seeing kids have kids before they're 16. And I'm tired of teen girls routinely passed around the 'hood as if it's some ritual of adolescence.

We're returning to our neanderthal roots and most humorously, we have a large segment of the population that would justify the descent.

I try to listen to what my kids listen to whenever possible. I try to watch the rap videos to understand the mentality. Truly, I don't blame kids for doing what they do and feeling what they feel today. Their actions are being influenced.

But perhaps most nauseating is the fact that anyone with even the slightest hint of musical knowledge would have a hard time calling this constantly reconstituted schlock music. It's amazing that very little in the way of musical know-how is needed now to cut a song and make a million.

Lastly, God rest Aaliyah's soul. But please, explain to me why a convicted crack-head was allowed to fly a plane and why it was allowed to be overloaded with 5 times the normal capacity. Another foolish, senseless death.

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