Go back to your Winger board Frankie
Posted by: F.O.R.D. ()
Date: July 11, 2000 04:47PM

Frank wrote:

The truth hurts, doesn't it

Which truth would that be? The fact that you obviously know nothing about music and less about Van Halen.

Frank whined:

Dave can't sing, can't write....The only thing he's good for is those silly leg kicks and his hairpiece. At least Kip Winger knew how to play an instrument and write!!!!


How many times do you goddamn SHEEP have to use the hair jokes? David Lee Roth, a 45 year old man, doesn't have the same hairline he had when he was 20. So fucking what? How many 45 year old men do? Eddie doesn't. Alex doesn't. Michael Anthony sure AS HELL doesn't. I don't see you making jokes about them. And for the record, there are no hairpieces, plugs, etc. Try the Quiet Riot and Kiss camps if you are looking for Sy Sperling.

As for the argument of Kip Winger vs David Lee Roth as a songwriter, FUCKING SPARE ME!! Van HALEN made 6 albums that will remain on rock n roll radio for the next 20 years just like the last 20. When was the last time you heard "She's Only 17" or any other stupid ass bubblegum lame Winger song on the radio? How many Winger albums have DIAMOND awards, Frankie?? Did Alice Cooper lose 95% of his fan base when Kip Winger left his band?? Yeah, I didn't fucking think so.

Frankie pissed and moaned:

Van Halen will crash and burn with Roth.....if not in 2000 - it'll be in 2001. Eddie's made a big mistake on this one. I guess the dollar signs got too bright for him to say no.


Van "Halen" crashed and burned WITHOUT Roth. True, each Van Hagar album went at least double platinum, but each one sold less than its predecessor. And as for Van Danniels III (recorded after the 96 reunion scam) the album and tour were both DISASTERS by Van Halen standards. Van Halen fans told Eddie when he made the mistake by rejecting VDIII. The fans want Van HALEN back, and whether or not it took persuasion from the suits at WB to bring it about, Eddie finally listened.

Frank grasped for straws:

Oh....BTW, It WAS always about Eddie. If it wasn't for Eddie, Roth would be a sterno bum in southern California.


If it wasn't for Dave, Eddie and Alex would still be painting numbers on sidewalks.

Frank BAAAA'ed:
Eddie wrote those tunes that got Van Halen their first record deal AND Eddie performed the guitar work that inspired millions.


Eddie wrote the music, Dave wrote the lyrics. It takes both to make SONGS. It was that songwriting partnership that made Van Halen's songs so great. As for getting them their record deal, as good as Eddie was, it was DAVID LEE ROTH who got noticed on stage. Don't believe me? There was another band playing the LA club scene at the same time. You'll recognize their name now, Quiet Riot. But in 1977 no American record company could give a shit. Why? Their guitarist (a guy by the name of Randy Rhoads, whom you may have heard of) was fucking amazing, but their frontman was (and still is) a boring un-entertaining dickhead. So when WB came calling, the contract went to the band who not only sounded good on stage, but who had the best show as well. Without David Lee Roth, this would not have happenned. Case closed.

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