My centavos....
Posted by: Jack ()
Date: July 07, 2000 04:20AM

Vey cool, I thought I would remain uncommunicated with the internet, cause I'm doing some work in a little state on the west coast of Mexico, but as it turns out, I can actually hook up on my laptop with my connection. Granted, it's a bit more expensive, but what the hell.......Anyway....

Well, yes and say that rock n roll is the black man's music is pretty short-sighted, too. Naturally, the black influence cannot be denied, but if you're going to say that, then a stronger case can certainly be made for jazz or blues or whatnot. I mean for every Hendrix and Chuck Berry, or Little Richard (all great, by the way) you have a Beatles, Elvis, Morrison, or Led Zeppelin, who contributed their fair share to the genre as well. Rock n Roll has evolved to a point where you can't say it's the white man's or the black man's music, it just is.

As for the whole wigger thing, I do agree it is a term that comes from people that have stereotypes firmly implanted in their heads and is usually indicative of bigotry. That said, the adoption of a black approach to music has sometimes gone beyond what you call a liking of their music, and appreciation of their art, if you will. When you hear Tommy Lee rapping about "The cops in blue tryin to bring me down / shooting down my homies on the streets, etc, etc" it sounds ridiculous, because it lacks any and all credibility. Here's a guy who is a multimillionaire, lives in a mansion making sex videos with beautiful women and he's acting like ha actually has the first inkling of where those kind of lyrics came from. It's absurd. The only reason the cops are after you, Tommy, is because you insist on beating the shit out of your wife!

And yes, when you see some kid from the suburbs talking like, "Wussup, yo! Dats da bomb, yo", it's a bit disturbing, not because you dislike black people or because you think in strict terms of "White poeple should do this, black people should do that"'s just that the kid didn't talk like that a year ago, it's some sort of identity crisis where he's trying to be cool by adopting something that's phony on him. He has no idea where that really comes from or what the circumstances are for the people who started talking like that, he just hears it on the rap records and one day has the brilliant idea he'll start wearing XXL pants, backwards caps and take out this whole new vocabulary. Again, it's a total lack of credibility, and is ridiculous.

And yes, I think Kid Rock is great. Like I said on another post, his showmanship is very cool and he brings back a bit of the flair that was needed.


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