For Mr. Q
Posted by: chris ()
Date: July 06, 2000 04:08PM

Ok Mr knowitall,
Again I have to read another pompous, egotistical post from Mr. Knowitall. First you insult David Lee Roth. Very stupid and I think your very jealous. He`s got more money than you, he`s probably better lookingand has been laid a lot more than you in his 40`s and probably will out lay you into his 50`s so me thinks you are a little on the jealous side yes?
As for you saying Korn and Limp bizkit are " a lot more real than half the shit that came out in the 80`s" comment. Could you please specify which shit your refering to please Mr Knowitall. IF YOU THINK THAT A LOT OF THE SHIT FROM THE 80`S SUCKS THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE? I`m willing to bet at the least 50% of the people that post here (including myself) are big fans of the 80`s. So your insulting a lot of people when you make these "ignoramus" like statements. This is an 80`s refuge "phool" whether you know it or not.
Then you go on to lay this boring speach about how it`s wrong to call white people who act black wiggers. I think wigger is a great word and I use it whenever the shoe fits. As a matter of fact I`m friends with a black guy at work and you know what? Everytime we see a white guy dressed like a black guy we make BOTH make fun of the white kid. And black people even have their own name for white kids acting black. They call them "YO BOYS". So can you see Mr. Knowitall even black people make fun of "wiggers". So if the shoe fits where it. Sticks and stones boys and girls.
Oh and then you go on and insult people who live in trailors calling them "trailor trash". So it`s ok to call poor white people who live in trailors "trailor trash" but we can`t call a white person a "wigger" because were afraid we might insult black people? So what I get from this is it`s ok to insult white people but we can`t insult white people pretending to act black cause we don`t wanna offend black people because it`s wrong and were racists right? So what are you for offending people who live in trailors? No better than me or the Ferrari guy. Because we insulted white people acting black and you insulted people who live in trailors. So please get off your soapbox. Your a racist against trailor park people.

Fan of the 80`s,

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