I'm LOLling!
Posted by: John Q ()
Date: August 20, 2001 06:06AM

Dude, if Q'ryche, HOL, Stryper, Ten and Icon were indeed 5 of the top musical achievements in the history of mankind, it would be really, really sad. 'O:M' is not even the best Q'ryche album let alone in the top 5 of anything, House Of Lords and Stryper may qualify as 'best 80's hair, make-up and bee custome' but certainly not in any musical categories, and I'm sure we can all agree that 'Night Of The Crime' and 'In The Name Of The Rose' put 'Physical Graffiti', 'Dark Side Of The Moon' or 'Queen II' to shame. Brian May, Jimmy Page and Roger Waters should attend the Dan Wexler/Gary Hughes songwriting workshop and get a clue already, and hook up with Gregg Guiffria afterwards to get a handle on how to blow dry properly and where to shop for bitchin' cowboy boots and frilly shirts on trendy Melrose. NOT! Contrary to your belief, Floyd/Queen/Zep is not some arbitrarily created bandwagon - they are 3 of the great rock bands of all time. The best thing House Of Lords ever did was a cover of a Blind Faith song... real genius involved there.

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best album of all-time 58 croman 08/19/2001 02:04PM
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we have different ears 45 sfk kurt 08/20/2001 02:36AM
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maybe at the beginning 45 sfk kurt 08/20/2001 02:52AM
Re: Huh? 41 Eric Abrahamsen 08/20/2001 06:21AM
yeah 42 sfk kurt 08/20/2001 10:13AM
Re: we have different ears 47 John 08/22/2001 03:10AM
NJ's bands beat Chicago's! 45 sfk kurt 08/22/2001 03:14AM
I'm with you Kurt 39 Mike Matney 08/20/2001 08:30AM
Re: Sahara ??? 42 alex siedler 08/19/2001 07:52PM
Production-wise... 34 AOR Guru 08/20/2001 11:30AM
both are classics 44 sfk kurt 08/19/2001 09:48PM
Re: Overrated!!!!!!! 41Kauna08/20/2001 01:51AM
I'm LOLling!40John Q08/20/2001 06:06AM
Re: best album of all-time 35riche galas08/19/2001 04:06PM
Re: best album of all-time 44 croman 08/19/2001 04:09PM
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Re: Sahara ??? 39 the ORIGINAL brent 08/19/2001 10:55PM
Re: Sahara ??? 42 Brian 08/20/2001 05:50AM
Re: best album of all-time 52 Carl 1 08/19/2001 10:05PM
Re: best album of all-time 35 Misterpomp 08/19/2001 10:17PM
Re: best album of all-time 37 Carl 1 08/20/2001 04:32AM
judging by this board - Lovemetal! 46 sfk kurt 08/19/2001 11:59PM
Re: Pink Floyd / Radiohead 48 Eric Abrahamsen 08/20/2001 12:47AM
cant believe what I just read! 45 sfk kurt 08/20/2001 02:34AM
Re: Not Really.. 32 Eric Abrahamsen 08/20/2001 02:42AM
but it's all ones taste innit? 50 sfk kurt 08/20/2001 02:50AM
Sorry .. 62 Misterpomp 08/20/2001 03:30AM
depends on who you ask 33 sfk kurt 08/20/2001 10:17AM
a bit two faced, Kurt? 36 jennifer 08/20/2001 07:01AM
A word Jennifer 37 Misterpomp 08/20/2001 07:33AM
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Re: A word Jennifer 47 jennifer 08/20/2001 08:31AM
Re: Jennifer 38 Eric Abrahamsen 08/20/2001 08:56AM
Re: Jennifer 40 jennifer 08/20/2001 09:39AM
Re: A word Jennifer 40 Misterpomp 08/20/2001 05:03PM
And you succeed brilliantly! 46 sfk kurt 08/20/2001 11:22PM
FU Jennifer 44 sfk kurt 08/20/2001 10:14AM
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Re: Pink Floyd / Radiohead 52 Carl 1 08/20/2001 08:17AM
Re: Pink Floyd / Radiohead 53 Carl 1 08/20/2001 08:14AM
re: Radiohead???? Gimme a break!!! 40Patrick08/20/2001 02:06AM

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