Sabbath timeline & VH
Posted by: John Q ()
Date: July 06, 2000 01:18PM

Not so. Halford's short term gig with the band began when Dio pulled out of the band's "homecoming shows" in Birmingham England.

You're getting confused, F.O.R.D.. First of all, I happened to be there at the time and saw one of the Halford shows - it was 2 shows. It was gonna be Ozzy's last 2 shows before retirement and he invited Sabbath to play, only Dio had an attitude about it. That's when they asked Rob to step in at the last minute. The original Sab came out after Ozzy's set and did like 4 songs. That was the initial reunion which led to 'Reunion' and the touring they've been doing. Dio did not pull out of the homecoming shows in Birmingham - he was long gone at that time. They toured on 'Dehumanizer' back East and the shit hit the fan before they made it out West. This was BEFORE the Halford shows even happened.

You must hate David Lee Roth even more than Eddie ever did! Dave doesn't hate Van Halen at all. Granted he's not their best friend, but he doesn't have to be.

I do not hate Dave, but for reasons I explained in my 'Wigger' post above I do think he's a joke. Him trying so hard playing Mr. Rock Star and pretending it's still '78 is why I can't take him seriously anymore. The guy is Spinal Tap personafied! He's an old washed up fart who's spent way too much time in the Cali sun w/o any sun screen. And, oh yeah, his voice is shot to hell. Must be if you're taking 2 weeks to sing one song.

Some of Van Halen's best music (i.e. the "Fair Warning" album and the 2 tracks they recorded in 1996) were made BETTER by the tension within the band. The total absence of that tension produced total crap like the Van Danniels III album.

I will agree with you on that one. A little of internal tension is mostly a good thing, but it's gone WAAAAY beyond that with VH. You've got grown men threatening to beat each other up and insulting each other. Any pre-schooler is more adult than that.

VD III was a fraud, as was (to a much lesser degree) Van Hagar. Or for that matter, Fake Sabbath. The Black Sabbath that toured the last 2 or 3 years is the REAL thing. The Van Halen that will tour later this year (or maybe next summer?) will be the REAL thing. The guys who made the music, the guys who made the legend!

First of all, there will NOT be a VH tour, period. And thank God - it'd be like rubbernecking on the freeway after a really bad accident. I mean, 3/4 of this band are fucken invalids for cryin' out loud! VH - III just wasn't any good; the stuff with Hagar was quality but it wasn't on par with the original Van Halen. As for Sabbath - I saw the Fake and Real version a couple of times in the 90's, and the 'phonies' are/were far superior. Other than Geezer who is totally amazing - none of these guys have any fire left in them anymore. Time to hang it up and I think they've finally gotten the message. Maybe Iommi can call Eddie and give him the same advice before it gets too embarrassing.

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