Re: The DJ Klaus bashing/Lovemetal
Posted by: ted ()
Date: August 15, 2001 07:09AM

Hi Peter!
Please,call me Ted,Mr Poley seems so formal.
First let me thank you for not formulating an opinion without the actual cd in your cd player.That in itself is a sign of intelligence and I dont care whether you like it or not(of course i hope you do!),but more that your opinion is an honest one. I will look forward to your review and as I have tried my best with this cd, I am proud of it no matter what anyone says(but i like the good reviews better).
Actually, the fans opinions matter very much to me,as I do this purely for the love of the music and not the money(which I have never seemed to be able to make in this business,I drive a 12 year old truck,work a real job and am a very happy guy because i have a family that loves me and fans that appreciate my art). So I certainly would hope that my fans get some enjoyment from my musical work,as that is truly my motive.I love the fans and I have loved to sing and play music for as long as I can remember. My Bonemachine cd's never made any money, they COST me money to do,yet i still do it, and I am very glad that I made those cds. There are some very cool musical moments on all of them,and some of my favorite songs too,hopefully appreciated not for the small budgets I had to make them, but for what they are, just my art.
My promotion of LOVEMETAL is also sort of an art in itself. I am unsigned and have no advertising budget at all,in fact i am still in debt from the studio costs,so when you see me on here promoting LOVEMETAL,what i am really doing is having FUN.You see, FUN is all I get,and its all i expect,and its all i want,I know my place in this business and its at the bottom,i will never get rich doing what i do,,so to me, anything that I can arrange,any little trick that I can pull from my magic hat,is a small miracle to me(such as a successful U.K. tour!or writing a SEGA game theme) and very much appreciated when it works,such as this Lovemetal promotion has.
So i hope you and the other readers arent offended by my posts,I will surely go away eventually and return the board to its regularness soon enough,but for now I am truly having a great time with my fans,promoting a cd which I really believe is very good,trust me, I am a recluse and know how to disappear,you didnt see me a whole lot after the first one did you?(i still stand by that cd but i dont think everything i do is the greatest,).I didnt spend time on this board playing with you all after that one ,i spent it back in the studio making LOVEMETAL a better cd which it is.I truly thank those of you who are helping to promote it and those who have bought it.As corny as it sounds,YOU are the reason i continue to do this.
As far as Def Leppard goes, yes I could have picked Bon Jovi(who i actually know,and who knows of MY work and might be even more possible)but since my motivation is NOT to sell cd's(LOVEMETAL is already a great success to me even if i dont sell another one!)but to get to play with one of MY favorite bands(i am still a music fan ,like all of you,i still can dream cant I?),I picked Def Leppard,simply because i love them and it seemed so impossible that they would even consider me. Well I have to tell you,that I have heard from the Lep camp(they contacted ME)and may just start to believe in miracles soon(i will keep you posted).
I hope to count you Peter among the many satisfied LOVEMETAL listeners,and I trust you to keep an open mind and give an honest opinion,no matter what the results,please know that I understand that LOVEMETAL is not the "last cd to ever be recorded in the industry because it was so perfect",but I am so very proud of it and will do everything i can to keep having fun promoting it and making music.
Please remember that I tried to do my best with what I had to work with,,a miniscule budget,time constraints etc..,some artists havent produced a thing lately, simply because they cant deal with the loss of those big budgets of the old days,and are afraid of the critisism that I sometimes get about production etc..and thats all of ours loss.I am used to it after 9 years with no deal,but some of your comments about other bands cd's scare them because you cant get past the production and listen to what they are trying to say with their songs..When i was a kid, i never even knew what production was,i just liked the band or the song and when i go back and listen to some of those old records now, they sound so silly,but that doesnt diminish the coolness of what i loved(Angel,AC/DC,Elton John,even early KISS sounds funny by todays production standards).Even the best produced stuff wont stand up to sound of future cd's anyway,so why not just enjoy the songs?
I will never win a Grammy for any of my hard work but when fans who bought my cd help me and post "Please buy Lovemetal" I get the same feeling as if i would have won an award anyway,and I appreciate it just as much.Support from those who i actually do this for,means more than any Grammy.
I wish you all the best and hope you get to fullfill your dreams someday,as this has always been mine.
Please buy my new cd LOVEMETAL.
Def Leppard we Love you.
np :Huey Lewis and the News-workin for a living

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