The AOR genre lacking image, concept and attitude.
Posted by: Daniel ()
Date: August 13, 2001 12:59AM

The problem with the AOR/melodic rock genre today is it lacks a recognizable image and a concept. The youth today could care less about the music. Well it’s always been this way even back in the Beatles days. They buy the whole concept (or haircuts in Beatles case :-). It may be the cuteboys in Backstreet Boys or it may the bad ass Eminem or even the masked Slipknot.

Basically what got me into hardrock some 20 years ago was the music along with the image. The band was Kiss. What if they all looked like Elton John. Would I have given them a second glance, or even a listen. No f**kin way… Sorry but music is entertainment. That seems to be completely lost on the AOR genre. It’s just totally faceless and boring. Imagine Madonna looking like Roseanne Barr these days. Would she sell half the albums she does. Hell no. Nothing against being fat. I mean it worked for Meat Loaf.

Just look at the speed/power metal genre. Sure it’s still an underground thing, but you can bet your ass that Rhapsody and Hammerfall sell at lot more albums than any AOR band today. Those warrior/knight artworks might be laughable but at lot of the younger people like it. I see 15 year olds wearing their T-shirts with pride. Just like I wore my Iron Maiden and Dio shirts back in the day.

When was the last time you saw a AOR/melodic rock band that looked cool. In fact the only ROCKSTAR in this whole genre today is Jean Beauvoir. That dude still look cool as hell. Even without that mohawk. Poison also still keep that rockstar attitude intact. But then not many others…

Sure some may say it is the music that matters. Off course. If you have crap songs not even Nikki Sixx or David Coverdale circa 1988 could help you. Well or maybe it could, there are so many examples that no matter if your music is @!#$. If you have some sort of image going on it might actually help sell records. Just ask Vanilla Ice.

I read an interview with metal band Lost Horizon. (A band from my hometown Gothenburg) That Manowar/warrior image might seem pathetic to some. But I love that they put just as much effort to the whole concept as the music. The album cover, the image, the attitude, the lyrical content… The band does actually stand out in that whole power metal genre. And they write great music.

Another swedish band with some attitude is sleaze rockers Backyard Babies. Their new album rocks like nothing else this year. And you know what they f**kin landed the #1 slot on the swedish album charts. Incredible. I first saw those guys live some 7 years ago, when they had just released their debut album. An album shockful of sleaze/glam/punk. And all this at the heights of the grunge era.

Gotta say that some of these so called nu-breed bands actually get it. I haven’t really gotten into their music yet. But most of them seem to be image conscious at least.

Now I don’t mean you have to have some freakin image to sell albums. Nothing wrong with Rush. That’s not what they are about anyway. But those guys put every thought into the music, the lyrics and the album covers. They put as much thought into the musical concept as Nikki Sixx had hairspray in his hair :-)

Or look at Aerosmith. Those guys knows what image means. Tyler and Perry are pushing 50 and they look more bad ass than bandmembers half their age.

So where am I going with all this. Don’t even know myself :-) Just some random thoughts. Guess I just miss the ol’ days of Whitesnake and Bon Jovi when you tried to look like your heroes.

Over and out,

/Daniel (who looks more like Elvis Costello than David Lee Roth these days :-)

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