Posted by: Mark Ashton ()
Date: July 24, 2001 08:11PM

Hi Everyone,
Firstly, I have to say that the reason haven`t posted about this matter before now is very simple. I didn`t see any of it. The Red Dawn thread is not on my front page any more and hasn`t been for about a week so I hadn`t seen that anyone had posted after my post.
Also, all the `discussion` on this page happened overnight UK time and I haven`t been on-line since 7 last night.
Obviously, if my comment caused any offence to anyone then I sincerely apologise for that. The comment was made in jest, which I thought was obvious from the :-) symbol at the side of it and was in no way meant as a racial slur.
Everyone who knows me will testify to the fact that I can in no way be called a racist. As has been pointed out we have several people of Jewish persuasion on our label. They are treated just as badly as the non-Jews :-) We have had black artists on our label ( does that make the labels which haven`t a bunch of racists? Or have they simply not heard any good bands featuring that particualr race? ), people of all different races, religions and belief systems. When we had our own studio the guy that ran it for us, Audu Obaje, was ( and probably still is ) of Nigerian origin.
OK, so I might laugh at an Andrew Dice Clay sexist joke or a Bernard Manning racist joke - so what? I will also laugh at Eddie Murphy when he himself is making racist comments. Don`t forget, much humour made by black people and Jews is in it`s own way racist. There is a comedy show in the UK called "Goodness Gracious Me" which is put together by a group of Asian people. It has become a big success and when being interviewed one of the cast commented that they had simply made a programme for their own people and that if the whites found it funny then all the better. Are you telling me that a comment like that is not at least as racist as the post that I made, yet that was made on the national news on the BBC which there are boards to scrutinise for racist comments. If a white comedian went up on the national news and said that they made their programme for their `own kind` and if the blacks laughed as well then fine and good there would have been an uproar from the bleeding hearts.
The Jewish comedian Jackie Mason rips his own people to pieces and reinforces Jewish stereotypes throughout his routines. Billy Connolly does the same with the Scots. Everything that everyone says is not always meant to be take seriously.

I`m not justifying my comment, just pointing out that a lot of racism is in the interpretation. I joke with my partner Bruce about him being tight because he`s Scottish and that is a stereotype of that race. Thank God he`s not ginger as well as then he`d be in real trouble ( sarcasm alert there as that is another Scottish stereotype perpetuated by the Scots themselves who wear red wigs at Scotland football games. Self depracation. Whatever next from this race of people famous for being dour and miserable - JOKE!!! )
Finally, please take a moment to read the part of my post that upset so many of you -

"Unfortunately, David Rosenthal is, shall we say, quite keen to make money
{ Look at his surname for a clue :-) }"

Nowhere in this sentence do I say anything that is directly racist. So, the fact that all of you who were offended asumed that I am saying here that David Rosenthal is a Jew and therefore he is tight / frugal means that you know of the stereotype and YOU, not I, made the leap from my comment to your own racist conclusion. I have had personal dealings with David Rosenthal and from those dealings I can say that he is "quite keen to make money". If you read the rest of my post you`ll see that I was explaining why we haven`t repressed the Red Dawn album. If you talk to the label heads that were interested in signing Red Dawn around Europe I`m sure that they will confirm what I am saying. David was asking for way too much money for the licensing rights to the album. That is a FACT. Otherwise the album would have been released all over Europe. As such, I am actually correct in my statement. I was merely joking about the fact that he is obviously of Jewish origin and there is a stereotype that Jewish people are keen to make money. Hell, no-one gets up on their soapbox when comments are passed at Gene Simmons for being a greedy money grabbing bastard when it is common knowledge that he is Jewish.

Is someone saying that they don`t like the Scandi rock sound being racist?

If you don`t like Vixen is it because you are a sexist and if you do is it because you are a sexist ( think about that one )?

If you don`t like Signal or Unruly Child then you`re obviously having a go at Marcie Free ( I can`t say being homophobic as Marcie isn`t homosexual ) for the way he / she wants to live their life. Hey, we worked with the guy as he was going through all that stuff. How much more PC can you get?

Is it racist when Ralph Santolla of Millenium rings me on the 4th of July every year to rub in that it`s independence day for the U.S.? Hell, he isn`t even a true American ( LOL ) and at the end of the day the war of independence was pretty much a civil war fought on two continents anyway as many of the settlers were British. I don`t take offence and as John Cleese once pointed out, in the UK we celebrate Dependence Day on the 3rd of July anyway :-) or was that him being racist?

What is really sad is that all you PC people are ruining this board and the scene. There has been more `ink` used on this subject and negativity in general than there ever is for anything positive.

Anyway, I`ve got a business to run. Bottom line, there was no offence meant by what I originally posted and anyone can see that. There are too many people here with hidden agendas trying to stir up the @!#$. If you think I`m a racist and that N&T / Frontiers ( an Anglo / Italian collaboration - yeah we are so racist ) is such a truly bad company then simply stop buying our products. I`m sure we`ll survive without the half a dozen of you that get all worked up over nothing so often whilst the rest of the world gets on with living rather than trying to be the thought police when in reality they are the ones with the most `phobic` attitudes. In nursery schools these days in the UK, children are taught a rhyme which was "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep" when I was a child. NOwadays it is "Baa, Baa Sheep, Sheep" That proves my point perfectly. There is nothing racist about the nursery rhyme. It is about a sheep that is black. Black sheep do exist. Nothing in the rhyme is negative about the sheep. In fact, it is this simple -

"Baa, baa black sheep have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sire, three bags full"

The PC brigade have now made children substitute the word black with the word sheep. THAT is racist, not the original rhyme. They are perceiving the use of a colour as being racist yet there are black sheep. Does this make the children`s classic novel "Black Beauty" a racist piece of literature? The world is going mad!

Bye for now,

P.S. If any farmers are reading this and are offended by my use of the phrase black sheep I apologise in advance.

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