Re: Recent acquisitions...
Posted by: Don ()
Date: July 26, 2001 03:12AM

Rocker Chic wrote:
> >>Anthrax – “Volume 8: The Threat Is Real”
> I haven’t heard it yet, but I’m hoping it’ll be as good as
> “The Sound of White Noise.”<<
> I kind of lost touch with Anthrax over the last several years
> (guess trying to listen to "Stomp" during a migraine headache
> wasn't the smartest thing to do), but I love "Sound of White
> Noise." One of their absolute *best* in my opinion. Please
> do let us know what "Volume 8" is like.

...Will do. Right now I'm trying to get caught up on listening to my recent acquisitions, plus I'm working at taping some samplers for some friends.

> >>Extreme – “III Sides to Every Story”
> I’m left wondering what all the fuss was about. Sure it has a
> big sound, but aside from the odd gem or two, I can’t
> honestly claim that the songs really do all that much for me.<<
> Ya know, that was my feeling on this as well. I loved their
> previous works and was always impressed by their diversity,
> so I had high hopes for this one. It kind of left me flat.
> That's the only album of theirs that I never bothered to find
> on CD. I was a late bloomer to the whole CD thing. ;-)

...I definitely owe it a few more spins. In the end, though, I would bet that I'll really enjoy a couple tracks from it, kinda enjoy a few more, and roughly half the album will be filler (for me). That's just a guess/estimate. I could be wrong. Again, though, the production is HUGE!

> >>Great White – “Let It Rock”
> I’ve mentioned it in a couple of my posts already. It’s far
> from their best album, but for me, this band can do no wrong.
> <<
> Many can say what they want about Great White not being so
> "great," but they consistently give me exactly what I want:
> Great melodic, yet bluesy sounding metal with a touch of Led
> Zepplin. Ah, like candy to my ears! I, too, love Jack's
> voice. The only album of their's that I wasn't really wild
> about was "Hooked." Otherwise, as you say, they can do no
> wrong. That is, except for the loss of Mark Kendall. Man,
> that guy is one of my favorite guitarists. He may not be
> Malmstein or Satriani, but Mark's riffs are some of the most
> passionate, bluesy, and down-right "sexy" sounding licks that
> I've ever heard. ;-)

...You just exactly spoke my mind on this band (with the exception of your comments on "Hooked" - I think that is a fantastic album!). But yeah, they consistently put out this classy sounding bluesy rock with melody, great vocals, and this passionate, melodic, fluid guitar playing. MK will never be considered a virtuoso, but he's also one of my favorite guitar players. He almost makes that thing talk (and cry and sing).

> >>Richie Sambora – “Undiscovered Soul”
> Unbelievable! I’ll post more on this unexpected treasure
> later. What a pleasant surprise! In a million years I never
> expected to like this album this much. Light years beyond
> "Stranger in this Town," IMO. <<
> Ah, yes, Richie... I love both of his solos (can't wait for
> the 3rd!) even though they are clearly very different. The
> latter demonstrates just how much Richie has grown as an
> artist and individual, and how much more confident and happy
> he seems. I've always found his writing to be like it was a
> window to his soul and this was his way to pull back the
> curtain a little so that we can see inside. Sounds kind of
> corny or dreamy sounding, but if you looked back on his
> career, his life, and what he has experienced, you can hear
> it reflected in his lyrics. His voice is also one of my
> favorites. I've always loved big, smooth, full, passionate
> voices that sound like they come out effortlessly. As my
> "Rocker Chic In Training," Brandy says (who *loves* Goran
> Edmond's voice BTW -- me, too!), "he's my vocal boyfriend."
> :::LOL:::

...I'll try to post some comments on this album later today.

> >>NP - Law & Order: "Guilty of Innocence"<<
> Oh, my! Blast from the past! And a blast from the
> neighborhood, as well. ;-)
> I used to run into these guys all the time, but I knew Rob a
> lot better than any of the rest of them. Turned out his
> father was my gym teacher in high school. Rob was really a
> nice, friendly guy. Since I don't hit the clubs much
> anymore, I haven't seen him in years. He used to crack me up
> when I watched him play: He was one of the only drummers
> that I knew of that could chew gum and play at the same
> time. People used to joke around and say that he played
> "backwards." I don't know exactly what that meant, and maybe
> someone here can explain it to me, but all I know is he
> sounded pretty damned good to me. Perhaps maybe his kit was
> set up backwards? Man, I wish I had this one on CD. My
> cassette sounds pretty bad, so I don't listen to it anymore.
> RC

....Well, after giving it another spin, I can't honestly say that it does a whole lot for me. But it's worth having, I guess. I could easily tape it for you, but I can't/don't do CD-Rs as I don't own a burner. Email me privately if you'd like a copy. And thanks for the comments. Take care.

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