Posted by: Jck ()
Date: July 05, 2001 09:27AM

Ok, here are a few thoughts:

1. How about all the reviews SFK has ever done, including the good @!#$ from back in 96 or so, etc...and together with all the reviews from there to here, they get sorted in some kind of order, alphabetical or what have you, and visitors can go through all of it - lots of gems back there. It would be a huge undertaking, but you asked....

2. I understand what you're trying to do with the photo albums on the opening page. But the thing is......the pictures are very small. So what, you may ask? Well, many of us will recognize most of those covers, but the ones we don't recognize are too damn small for us to even read who the artist is (but now we're curious because since you've put them up there, we assume it's fuckin awesome and among your top ten releases or whatever). Like that cover next to Slippery, and the one of the girl's ass - I don't know them and can't read whose they are, or why they are great for that matter. And I've been into AOR a while, imagine a newcomer who's kind of getting into it and doesn't really know his @!#$ yet, needs recommendations....a person who doesn't know Honeymoon Suite (which includes lots & lots) won't be able to make out the name from the graphic at all. So what's the point then? If its solely for decor, go ahead, but it makes the loading time longer to get the nice little pics up there, and when they load, you can't make them out unless you recognize all the albums because you own them, in which case you wouldve taken them out if you wanted to look at them...and it would be an indulgent thing for dudes who already have the albums. So it might be more useful to have a little section of Kurts Top @!#$ or what have you, where you put slightly larger versions of the covers, say what artist/album it is and give a brief explanation of why it rocks your world. If you really want to spice it up, maybe a soundclip or two.

3. The Melodic Site Reviews is very nice, no one else does that. Good idea.

4. Guys like me know what you're about because we're longtime readers. However, for new visitors, seeing this on the fron tpage might be a turnoff>
Covering all things melodic:
AOR and melodic rock
power pop
bubblegum pop and 70s AM Gold
glam and hard rock
classic rock from the 70s, 80s and 90s...
It may be true, and I enjoy my share of pop and so on. But all the same it's too diverse. I'm lazy, if I go to an AOR site that promises me bubblegum pop and 70s AM Gold, I wont bother. I'd narrow it dopwn to the core description which doesnt mean you can't stick more diverse stuff in there. You have broad tastes which is great, but how many hard core AM Gold fans are you attracting here? Maybe a focus towards the AOR-hard rock lover who also has an open mind towards other melodic music...but not put it as something the site centers on? Maybe Im wrong, I dont know, just an idea.

5. Going back to the e-mail format was the right thing to do. You have to think that your readers are lazy, they want it to come to them...otherwise your readership would've slowly dwindled to almost nada, because lthough initially several people would;ve followed you to a website, who knows if they will keep checking in week after week after week......maybe the first month or two, then they start forgetting,l and after a year it's a fraction of what you had. Unless you offer a bunch of bells & whistles....there re exceptions ála Andrew or Metal Sludge, but that's a lot of work, cases where you offer reviews + this + that, etc etc, mega-sites. I read your new reviews right now because I was just at your site since you asked for honest comments, but while I've really enjoyed your reviews over the years, i dont go out of my way anymore to read them at some place other than my Inbox. Again, I'm lazy. It's not a conscious thing, as in "Ah, if he puts them someplace else, the hell with it, I aint going". Not at all, it just seems to slip from my To Do list and other thigs come, in life intrudes and eventually you sorta realize you're not reading Kurt's reviews anymore.

6. Out of curiosity, who's the funky dude in the turban?


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