Re: What songs are cheesy , who cares Captain ??
Date: July 02, 2001 08:13AM

well Captain , first off let me tell you that I actually happen to share most of your thoughts and as far as I'm concerned you've got the light on in your and night , really...I've noticed you placing to a few contributors in the right place but with FACTS that just can't be disputed at least that's my humble opinion , where others might well disagree but that's the beauty of life , don't you think so ??...and to top things off I also happen to enjoy your sense of humor here and there so I want you to know that as you may suppose I enjoy reading your posts , whenever I spot someone who I think that deserve some kind words for whartever reason then I like to take a step forward and let him/her know what my feeling are , why to keep it inside...if you can make someone happy just for a couple of minutes then it's all worth telling...even in real life , at least that's what I think , what a compliment , hah Captain ;-) ?? .

Regarding you question , you know that there're a lot of people that's always trying to tell everybody what's cool and what's crap , cheesy or whatever...if you don't think or listen to what they do then you just don't know what "Cool" music is all about , you know...for instance let me tell you that this last friday while buying a bunch of Cds at a second hand store I came across to almost all of Spice girls CDs , so I decided to give their last one (Forever) a shot , and let me tell you that I ain't dissapointed at all 'cause it's got good tunes such as "Let love lead the way , oxygen , goodbye..." , and what I wanted to tell you is that yesterday night when I told to my friends that I'd bought it they started to make some jokes and stuff (friendly talkin' right , you know ) , but that's the fact , man...if you like the Spice girls or the boy bands...then you're not "Cool" and you're not the tough man in the gang , know what I mean , right ?? far as I'm concerned if they can't appreciate it...they loss , you've got to listen to Manowar to be "Cool"*it , man that's what I tell to those who think like that , if I happen to like a melody I couldn't care less if someone tells me that I'm a chessy romantic , there's where your personality's got to stick out , Captain... and let 'em know that you've got your own taste , whatever that be...without having to hide your musical taste because your fear of having your buddies(friendly) laughing at you , know what I mean , right ?? .

So if you like Spice girls , Modern talking , C.c Catch , Bad Blue Boys , Cock Robin , Ronan Keating , Paul Young , Wilson Phillips or whatever other style that you happen to like ...then you're not the "Coolest dude" in the gang , a true rocker at heart...hey , come down to earth , man !! .

This week I actually saw the video for "what took you so long" by one of the Spice girls"Emma Bunton"..yeah the blonde one...hmmm , don't you tell me that that angel ain't just sweet , man...and I actually enjoyed it so I'm gonna check out the CD and if I like it then be sure that I'll buy the damn thing :-) , why should I hide this purchase , hah ?? .

Check her out here .

Also check out Ronan Keating here , his last album as solo artist is really good , this english singer's got a lovely voice and an accent that I particulary really like...well he's from Ireland I think , right ??

Hey Captain , Check out this sensational female singer , it's one of my favorite female singers , I'm sure someone like you will enjoy listening to her angelical voice !! .

So Captain I'm afraid that when it come to cheesy probably won't find many around here that enjoy that stuff more than the way I Captain if someone laughs at you because of the music that you like you can tell , give me cheesy tunes such as "Let love lead the way" or "Time goes by" , or "Goodbye" (Spice Girls) , or...and I'll stick my money in your mouth whilst you're laughing at me , right ;-)...they loos , Captain !! .

Np: Spice Girls "Forever" ...that Emma Bunton really looks like my kind of girl , just by lookin' at her photos got to belive in angels , man ;-) !! .


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