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Posted by: Captain Can Man ()
Date: July 05, 2001 05:15PM

Why do you assume (remember what happens when we do that?) that I'm taking "Tommy's side of things?"

Because you ripped me a new @!#$ for taking Dennis' side. It kind of led me to believe that you might favor Tommy's side of the debate. I'm sorry I made that assumption. Maybe you are on Dennis's side but just have a strange way of showing it.

I don't think that the things you said about the touring band were very nice, either.

I didn't say anything bad about the people who call themselves "Styx" now. I said it was "a shell of the band that we grew up with", meaning that John, Dennis, and Chuck are not there. There were 5 members of Styx that I grew up listening to.
Five minus Three equals Two. Two members of a band plus Three new members equals "a shell of the band that we grew up with". This is a factual true mathmatical statement that in no way can be debated. It is also not derrogatory in any way towards the new guys. They are great musicians. In fact they are 10 times the musicians that James Young will ever be and he shouldn't even be allowed in a band with such great musicians in my opinion. Now that was a derrogatory statement. :)

You have misquoted what Tommy and JY said on the BTM special. You've claimed that they said they "hated Dennis and all his songs."

I'm a little embarrassed. You have caught me assuming something again. I guess I did assume that Tommy and JY hate Dennis and his songs. I think I made that assumption from remarks like
"I just couldn't think of songs about Robots" as Tommy said with a smart ellic look on his face.
"Dennis will be back in the band when they are playing ice hockey on the river of Styx in Hell" as JY said near the end of the show.
"I just didn't want to vear off into Barry Manilow's territory" was another thing said by Tommy.
I must have been crazy to have made the assumption that Tommy and JY might not like Dennis and his songs. Come on Geri, you know they don't like him....if they did he would be in the band.

If that's what you saw in that show, then I suggest you go back and watch again.

I don't need to see it again. Refer to the above quotes that I gave you from the show.

Also, I did not see Dennis as coming off as arrogant. Sure he's a little bitter but wouldn't you be? His band was stolen out from under him. How far would the Panozzo's have gotten if Dennis hadn't joined them? Make no mistake Styx was Dennis's band from the very start. I know it's a nice thought that all band members are equal but the truth is that they are not. The leader must have one of these qualities. He must either write the songs, be a prodigy on his instrument like Eddie Van Halen or be a lead singer with major stage presence. Dennis was two out of those three things thus he was the leader and rightfully so. Tommy is also two out of three of those things but he joined the group later and they already had a leader.

You say they shouldn't play any "Dennis DeYoung" songs. They aren't. "Desert Moon" is not in the setlist. "Lady" and "Come Sail Away" are Styx songs. They belong in the setlist. Do you expect Journey to exlclude all Steve Perry songs?? Of course not. Do you expect the Doobie Brothers to exclude all Michael McDonald songs?? Of course not.

There is a difference with Dennis and the examples you gave. In Steve Perry's case, he was a co-writer meaning that Schon or Cain or both wrote the songs with him in a collaborative effort. They have every right to play the songs because they helped write them. In Michael McDonalds case, he left the band and there were no hard feelings from either side. I'm sure Michael doesn't mind a bit if they play the songs he wrote in concert.

In Styx's case however, these guys were separate writers. They had very few collaborative songs. Tommy and Dennis would bring in songs that they wrote by themselves and JY would bring in that same guitar riff that he rewrote several times and tried to pass it off as different songs. You know, the main riff in "Miss America" and "Half Penny Two Penny". Anyway, for the most part Tommy supplied the rocking songs for the band and Dennis supplied the soft songs for the band. It was such an incredible blend and made Styx albums very special. But "Come Sail Away" "Lady" "Best Of Times" ect.... were only written by Dennis DeYoung. He simply brought in the songs and Tommy and the guys learned their parts. Same thing for Tommy, he brought in "Renegade", "Blue Collar Man" ect... and Dennis and everyone else learned their parts. The main problem I have with the "new Styx" playing the songs that were written by Dennis is this:

They have said they don't want anything to do with him anymore.

They have made fun of some of his songs as you know and just because it was addressed on VH1 does not make it a nice thing to do. It was an awful thing to do and a person that could do that has very little respect for people.

I don't think Dennis is getting any kind of royalties for the use of his songs. I could be wrong about that but I heard that was part of his lawsuit.

Most importantly, Dennis wants to be in the band and they will not let him. Personally, I just feel that if they are that adamant about Dennis not being in the band and they have also publicly critisized his writing style then they should not play his songs. They should sever every tie with Dennis, not just the ties that suit them and their needs. I think that would be the right thing for them to do in this situation.

Just my opinions

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