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Posted by: Geri ()
Date: July 04, 2001 05:14PM

Captain Can Man wrote:
> Wow! I am spreading lies??

Actually, yes, you are. I've watched the VH1 special several times.

Actually, I just watched the VH1
> special and heard the crap about Dennis's material come right
> out of Tommy Shaw and James Young's mouths. Might I suggest
> you find a tape of it and rewatch it to get the facts
> straight.

We ALL have tapes of it and have watched it more than once.

I suppose you are going to tell me that Tommy and
> Ted Nugent didn't make fun of "Babe" either when I saw Damn
> Yankees live back in the early 90's. I guess I can't believe
> my own eyes and ears.

That was addressed in the show by Tommy, Dennis, AND his wife Suzanne, who was by far the most bitter person interviewed.

Tommy is more of a rocker, Dennis is
> more of a balladeer.

No, Dennis has become more of a Broadway performer, WHICH IS NOT A BAD THING IN MY MIND, but it doesn't fit in with a rock band. Name me one song that has been written in the past ten years by Dennis that is NOT a Broadway-type song.

The contrast between the two writing
> styles is what made Styx so wonderful and different from
> other bands. Dennis never complained about Tommy's songs so
> why in the hell does Tommy complain about Dennis's songs?

As Bladsian wrote, Tommy was only complaining about the fact that Dennis wanted to release TWO BALLADS IN A ROW. He NEVER said that they were not good songs. You are putting words into Tommy's mouth that were not there.
> And he doesn't just complain dude....he rubs it in Dennis's
> face. He compares it to Barry Manilow and makes fun of "Babe"
> in concert,

See above, please.

(The only # 1 song that Tommy has been involved
> with in his whole career I might add) and then he spouts out
> things like "I just couldn't think of any songs to write
> about Robots".

WRONG, bucko!! "Boat On The River" was Number One in several countries outside the U. S. but why was it never released as a single here? I have my opinion, and I'm sure yours is different.

Tommy is an ungrateful jerkoff and I'm sorry
> you can't see that. I haven't made up any lies, I have only
> repeated what Tommy Shaw said and did.

Why can't you or anyone else who is mouthing off about this see that this is NOT a Tommy vs. Dennis situation? The truth is that everyone else who has been involved with Styx, including Chuck Panozzo, one of the TRUE founders of Styx, is supporting the band that is on the road.
> Dennis was the one who had the vision for Styx and he led
> them to success with "Lady" before Tommy was even in the
> band. Styx was Dennis's baby from the start.

He also shoved his way into the Panozzo brothers' band. He was NOT the founder. They were.

Tommy came into
> an already successful project that already had a band leader
> who was directing their career on a certain path.

That is a true statement, and I don't challenge it, except to say that their "leader" was self-appointed, and that's according to people who were with them on the road at that time, i.e. Jim Vose, Mike Sherrill, Derek Sutton, etc.

> definately added alot to the band and they would not have
> been as successful if Tommy hadn't joined but they already
> had a captain.

Puh-leeze, you have been so faithful in reporting the BTM show, tell the truth, here. Dennis claims that he was the PRESIDENT. That's not the same as captain. That word never left his mouth on that show.

I don'y think Tommy could ever accept that
> fact. Look at Dennis's track record! Every Styx record was
> masterminded by Dennis.

According to Dennis. Apparently you bought everything he said. Did you also buy the "bathwater" comment he made in his interview on this very website? If so, then drink away, baby!! You ARE one of the internet people (as am I) he accused of drinking bathwater. I guess you're just drinking HIS bathwater instead of that the rest of us have been accused of.

All of the different concepts,
> everything that made them successful. Come on, wasn't the
> whole "Paradise Theater" idea cool as hell? You know it was,
> we all loved it! Then Dennis makes one mistake with the
> "Futuristic" idea and Tommy has never let him forget it. He
> made one great move after another catapolting Styx into major
> fame and then makes one mistake and has his head lopped off!

His head looked quite intact the last time I saw it.

> I know Tommy is not completely to blame, I have heard that
> Dennis was a major tyrant in alot of ways. But what I saw on
> that VH1 special was a very humbled Dennis who would do
> anything to be back in the band that he started.

Then you saw a different show than I did. I saw NO humbleness, but a LOT of arrogance. And a lot of bitterness. And a whole lot of "I, I, I, me, me, my, my"
Absolutely NO "we, us, the band" on Dennis's part. You claim to have seen it. Go back and watch it again, and then come tell me where Dennis said ONE thing about "us."
I truly
> believe in the concept of forgive and forget.

You could have fooled me.
> I think the big problem with Styx was everyone wants to be
> the boss

The big deal now is that NOBODY wants to be the boss.
Dennis and Tommy both should have put their egos
> asside and thought about their fans. Now we're all stuck with
> a shell of the band that we grew up with.

This "shell" has more talent than your original ever dreamed of.

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