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Posted by: John Q ()
Date: June 27, 2001 12:44PM

Tony, I think you're almost being too harsh on yourself! I mean, sure TNT was a glossy band, but at least you wrote a lot of very cool songs and had an identity all your own, which is a hell of a lot more than all these faceless Jovi/Leppard/Warrant clones could claim. Again, it would have been great if the circumstances had allowed for TNT to continue where 'Firefly' left off. I think that record says more about the potential of the band than any other album you made.

I think it was easy to get caught up in all the shallowness of the 80's - I think we all did to an extent. The first time I heard Yngwie's solo on the Steeler record, I just about died. That was 'the @!#$'! I still like people that can PLAY as long as they write a decent song, but I never thought 'Icarus Dream Suite #5' was better than 'All Along The Watchtower'. At the same time, even when I was digging all this hi-tech stuff, I never lost my love for basic rock and a variety of music. To me, there will never be anything more powerful than AC/DC on 'Powerage' - that, to me, is the essence of rock'n'roll in a nutshell. Bon Scott could never sing like Halford or Perry but he is so real and perfectly imperfect to this day... timeless. I think bands like the Stones before them, Aerosmith in their prime, and Nirvana later on convey that same spirit and that's why their milestone records will always be classics.

As you have pointed out - rock'n'roll started as rebellion (in more than one way - I think the Dawn of the Age of Rock was the single most important thing that happened after WW2 because it helped pave to way for the Civil Rights Movement and everything that came in the 60's and 70's - good and bad. Rock was the #1 Domino!) and anytime rock starts to lose its edge and gets stale and formulated, it's time to stir the pot and overthrow the old order. Whether we all can relate to it is beside the point. People that don't understand that have obviously turned into their own parents without ever even realizing it. I'm sure it's nice to go see The Eagles with mom and dad but somewhere there's gotta be some @!#$ that freaks them out, that they don't understand, something new and scary and weird. As long as there's something dangerous and unpredictable about it - rock is alive and well.

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