Dear MLover...
Posted by: John Q ()
Date: June 27, 2001 11:15AM

...I'm gonna get into a pissing match - you're entitled to your feelings. I have to say though that I do feel sorry for people like you who just don't get it - and probably never will. Of course, Danny Danzi is a far better guitarist technically than Cobain ever was (someone like Pat Metheny is a hundred times better than Danny Danzi - does that mean Pat's music is superior to Danny's because of it?), and I'm sure he'd make a great role model (btw, please go burn your Kiss, Aerosmith, UFO, etc. records - all those bands weren't proper role models either. All you sudden moralists are funny - go listen to Stryper then...), but Kurt was a true original and wrote a few songs that will forever be recognized as true rock classics - and rightfully so. People like you don't seem to understand that technical ability is only a very small part of being a great musician. There are thousands of very proficient guitarists with music degrees, and most of them work a 9-5). As Tony Harnell pointed out - music is not a friggin' track meet, it's not about faster, higher and all that. It's about soul, conveying your humaness, touching people - none of which have anything to do with being able to do sweeping arpeggios!

As for Iommi's album - it's actually pretty friggin' great and the people Tony invited to sing on it do a great job for the most part. Again, Tony Martin is technically a better singer than most of those guys, but every last guy/gal on 'Iommi' is a true original who has something unique to offer - whether it's Skin from Skunk Anansie (she's blows every 90's melodic rock singer I know straight out the door...!), Dave Grohl, Ian Astbury, Billy Idol, Ozzy, Peter Steele, Phil Anselmo, or Serj from System Of A Down. I could do without Henry 'tone deaf' Rollins and Billy Corgan's whine but 8 out of 10 ain't bad. Instead of taking your friend's word for it that 'it sucks' - you may want hear for yourself (skip song #1 and go from there...). It's a heavy, very Sabbath-y affair with some cool nu-er nuances mixed in. Having said that - I'd love to see Iommi release his album with Glenn Hughes but I guess he felt that 'Seventh Star' was enough for now and the world didn't need another 80's album from him.

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