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Posted by: Tony Harnell ()
Date: June 27, 2001 02:20AM

Thanks John. Couldn't have said it better myself. I had a big realization at some point in the late eighties that I was appreciating the wrong things in the music I gravitated towards. I was always into the "sound" over the "substance" as a kid and in my early years as a recording artist. I was under the totally wrong assumtion that music was somehow a competition or "race"(play faster, sing higher) if you will as opposed to a real art and a platform for real expression. I regret that I was more drawn to Zep that the Stones when I was young, or that I didn't listen more to Bob Dylan or Tom Waits or other kinds of artists. I only listened to "good singers". Now, I realize that "good" meant that they sounded nice and pretty or were perfectly on key or had a huge range etc, etc. That's all fine and well, but I wish I appreciated Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler more than Rob Halford or Steve Perry if you know what I mean. It would have shaped my early days in a much more happening way and probably made my music more interesting and in turn changed the course of my career for the batter. Rock and Roll started as rebellion. That was the whole thing. The look that Elvis had, parents hated it. And he was singing like a black blues singer. They really hated that back then. And when you go through the development of Rock you can see that the bands that really changed history were aggressive and they were rebels. They weren't candy ass, nicely dressed, perfect hair nice guys playing "nice" hard rock. That's an oxymoron isn't it? Hey we were right there doing what I'm referring to. Rock is supposed to be against the grain. It is supposed to go against the establishment, and at times be political in nature, and it should have attitude. The shallow stuff fades fast and has no staying power. I'm sorry to say to Danny, but I'm afraid that Nirvana will be listened to in 10, 20 or even 30 years and be thought of as an important part of rock history and they will likely be inducted into the hall of fame when the time comes.
I won't agrue your musical critisisms as it's a matter of opinion, but certainly Soundgarden was missing from your list of good bands. Chris Cornell is without hesitation one of the best rock singers of all time. Listen to his solo album. WOW! Amazing vocals, lyrics and passion. Not to mention very intelligent chord structures, key changes and amazing melody. I saw him live and he sings his ass off.
Anyway, my point is that there is more to music than "sounding good". Sure, you should sound good, but that is subjective too. Danny said he hates the way Nirvana "sounds" while I think they sound great. And I also think that Kurt Kobain sings with a lot of passion and energy. As far as getting on the Kurt's an @!#$ cause he killed himself bandwagon, most people don't realize the guys family history. There was a lot there, believe me. Suicide is never funny and shouldn't be judged in my opinion and we should all be so lucky that we have stable mental states. Walk in a man's shoes before you voice your view I say. And seriously, Rock and rollers as role models? Since when were we responsible for that? That stuff is for sports heros or god fobid, fathers and mothers or brothers, uncles etc....This is not our job. Our job is to shake things up, rattle the foundation, ask questions that have no answers and basically rock people. Hence the word ROCK. I just don't think at the end of the day that mixing Air Supply with Aerosmith is such a great idea. I know, I've tried it myself.

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