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Posted by: Danny Danzi ()
Date: June 26, 2001 05:16PM

Well Tony, I'll never second guess you're knowledge of the biz, because I know you "been there done that" and know what you're talking about. I know I probably got a pipe dream going on, but personally, until I've had a few major execs tell me I don't have what it takes to be anything in today's market, I can't see me ever giving up any hope. My new album lost most of the 80's production I did with the last one, but the tunes I did this time are every bit as deserving as the stuff we have going on in today's market. I really believe (just like what happened in the 80's when people wised up and said "This is all image, where are the songs?") that one day people will wake up. They haven't heard any real singers for years in my humble opinion. They haven't seen an awesome arena type show, and they haven't heard a guitarist that played a solo good enough to take us on a journey and make us cry other than lyrical content.

This has to change man! I listen to one of my newer songs, "Eternity" and hear a bit of Tonic, some Journey and a singer/guitar player that can sing and really play. And the best part, I do it better live than I do it on any recording. I don't sound like anyone copped vocally, and I deliver the goods and have my own distinct sound. I'm not better than anyone else, but I am different sounding and commercially acceptable. That alone is worth some big wig approaching me and saying: "OK Danny, we know your capabilities. We want you to do this now and see how it flys." If I dig where they are coming from, I try it and see how it goes. If I don't like it at all, I had my chance at paradise and blew it because I was too stuck in my ways.

Do you see my point bro? These comments aren't about me praising myself, they are about delivering the goods and and having that chance (God bless you for at least having one and making an impact/name for yourself) to at least appeal to the masses using a bit of what I do best. I'm up for change or creativity pointers from a reputable source. Hell man, I said it 100 times on here....I never wanted to be a solo artist, the singer/frontman or be the one man operation. But it turned out that way, and I have to follow through with it and use the abilities I've been gifted with.

It's real easy to speak your mind be it positive or negative when you've been down that road man. But when you haven't and you truly believe in yourself and what you have to offer, (which I know you do as well) it makes things a little more difficult to accept for me.

I also have to admit my disappointment on your praises of Cobain. When I played in Rug's band Skeleton Crew, (you do remember me now right?) it boggled my mind as to what these people loved so much about this grunge/alt music. I thought Cobain not only sucked as a singer/player, but as a roll model for our children. And the prick claimed he didn't have a gun! Hahaha...sorry, I had to say that. Anyway, other than a few dark "different style" lyrics, I saw a dirty, out of tune, out of key drug user that got credit for shaping music in our world. The most "out of harmony music" I've heard in all my years. This brought on bands that showed just about 0 talent, sucked live, and brought forth 30 other bands that sounded alike with nothing but aggression.

Other than STP, Alice in Chains, Soul Asylum and Dishwalla, the rest of the lot was/is a waste of air-time. Foo Fighters and Goo Goo's wrote a few good songs, but the singing and the band sucked! Creed? Hahaha! What did they win, album of the year or was it band of the year? What a joke I say. No offense to anyone that likes those bands, but singers with goat vibrato just don't give me a woodie.

Sure we needed a change from the 80's, but gzzz?!?! Live, Greenday, and that band that did "You gotta keep em separated" all no talent musicians that sucked live, and sucked in the studio. Where are all the good singers? Remember when you got a deal because you were good? Maybe it's me and I'm deaf, I dunno.

Granted, the whole grunge thing brought back loud distorted guitars, drum and bass grooves, and it did away with "you can't be in my band because you don't have the look." But other than that, do you think you'll hear these tunes in 20-30 years like you will Led Zep, VH or Ozzy? Probably not because they just don't compare. Ozzy hasn't really changed his sound much, and he's bigger than ever. Still 80's sounding and formulated in cases, and you can hear any 16 year old kid walking down the street playing his stuff from Sabbath to present. Why? Not just because he's Ozzy, but because he's good and he's pushed. Is it because he has enough money to bribe the stations to push him, or is some label dude just not letting him die out? I just don't get it. But I'll tell you this, from the crap I've experienced being played on the radio, anything that gets played enough will catch on. It's getting to the "ramming" stage that I have to figure out. ;-)

Danny Danzi

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