Re: Hey Danny!
Posted by: Danny Danzi ()
Date: June 26, 2001 08:21AM

Hi Surf,

Yes, I feel it is the label's job to hit the major stuff. There are things the artist can do, but for the most part they don't want to talk to me. It's the label's that have the pull especially when they hear an English accent on the phone. Believe it or not, that alone CAN make a difference. Read this and you'll see why an artist can't really handle this alone.

This is the truth in US radio today, and how it works. If I have to go through @!#$ like this, I might as well leave the label and start my own. You get signed because someone believed in you. If they truly believe, they can't sit on you and watch you fall by the wayside signing other acts that had their shot. If I'm not good enough to be pushed into a major market or given a shot, I should be fired asap for taking up some other great artist's time and money. It's that simple. One of these days when I get a bit older, I'm going to attempt the impossible. I'm going to start my own little label, and get one great act that I will invest in on the side. I'm talking totally invest. Who knows, maybe it will be myself at the rate things are going in this scene. And you mark my words, with some hard work, and the right investments with radio instead of word of mouth, true talent will prevail in any case if it is delivered properly.

Am I at that point now? No because I simply don't know enough about it to get involved with something like that and still deliver great music. It's too much for one guy to handle, that's why I say I might just do another great band. Right now from what I see (because Andy Slostad my rhythm guitarist works for Y-100 one of the biggest stations in the Philadelphia area) radio runs what will go on in the scene, not the labels. They have a testing time period to see what will fly, and what won't. It matters not how much a label is willing to pay if the ratings on a particular act are not good. We have bands on the radio over here that don't even have proper record deals, recording, producers, managers etc. They got through with someone that had a few bucks to get their music on the radio, and the masses dug it.

The major lables scope these bands out and see who's doing well, and they sign them to a chincy one album deal to see how things go. Every month the label people come to the station bearing gifts to the big wigs at stations to play their stuff. I saw it with my own 2 eyes one time when I was at a station helping a friend with some production material. I asked who the suits were, and was told "it's the label dudes bearing gifts for airplay and connection purposes."

Sad but true. So we need to somehow jump on this band wagon if it is indeed the answer to SOME sort of radio airplay. Even if we make it to the testing phase, that's success right there. Read that artical and see how scary it really is. You'll definitely think twice about becoming a pro musician that's for sure. :-) Peace....

Danny Danzi

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