young people ?? ==> AIRPLAY
Posted by: Tavas ()
Date: June 25, 2001 03:03AM

As far as getting "youngsters" on board I think that's really a matter of lot's of money on promotion...getting these bands on TV and radio !!!

Although I'm only 25 I also consider myself to belong to the "converted" and I have often talked to people my age and younger about music...

The things is: we are "freaks"...we put a lot of time and money, always looking for new and better music, wanting to know everything about the scene and about certain bands, reading hundreds of reviews etc...

when do they buy an album ???

When they SEE a band several time on TV or HEAR them multiple time on the radio...

And that's the main get AOR/MHR selling high amounts...the record companys should take very high risks towards promotion, and I can understand that they just don't have the money to do that, or are not willing to risk their whole business for one band...

I am 100% sure that if e.g.Gotthard would be on MTV 10 times a day they would sell over a million records...

...some years ago at the Lokerse Feesten In Belgium, Gotthard played before a very popular Belgian bands and many people were just waiting for this Belgian band while Gotthard was playing but the responce Gotthard got was amazing..(I can still see these kids humming the tune of "Mighty Quinn") I was wearing a Gotthard T-shirt and many people asked for info about the band, where they could buy CDs...they asked were this band came from, because "THEY NEVER HEARD ABOUT THEM BEFORE"....I hope the Sign can do the same thing this year...

A cousin of mine is 16 years old and is really into Rammstein and Slipknot and similar stuff (bands he knows from TV and radio), one years ago I gave him a copy of a Gotthard CD and he really loved it, he now considers himself to be a fan of the band, he has even mentioned them on his website among the Rammsteins...

So to some things up: if you want young people buying these have to bring the music to them, because they won't come looking for it !!!!

So next time a cousin of you has his/her birthday...why don't you give her a MHR CD you might be surprised of the results....



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