Re: Rebuttle
Posted by: Mark Ashton ()
Date: June 24, 2001 08:09PM

Hi Tony,
OK, maybe I took your original post a bit too literally. Sorry. I thought from the way you`d written it that JVC had been specific in their requests from you. If they weren`t then that`s their screw up and I apologise.
I was probably a bit strong about "Firefly" as well. Sorry. Just for the record, I really liked "Transistor" though. It reminded me of the later Harem Scarem albums in places ( and no-one gets more abuse than they do so you`re in good comapny. LOL ).
Also, with Westworld I think you`re doing something that is way more original and exciting than the "Firefly" direction. It`s got the elements of TNT that can keep your old fan base happy but there are some very cool new and different ideas incorporated into the melodic structures and arrangements of the songs.
I didn`t mean to come over as dissing you out of hand, just that sometimes I think the people on this board only get one side of the argument. I felt that some people were patting you on the back for making an album that was a commercial failure without considering the consequences to the people that paid for it to exist.
I`ve had that experience with Zero in Japan. We worked with them a lot and I can honestly say that every album they released that came from us was profitable for them. Certain other acts came along and took ridiculous advances from them and then delivered sub-standard product and that is what put them out of business. I really know a lot fo the details here so I know what I`m talking about and that is why I was getting a bit defensive of the labels.
Anyway, just a side note, we at NOW AND THEN discussed the idea of asking you guys to come over and play at The Gods when you released your "Skin" album because we liked it so much. Obviously, when you signed to Z and it was announced that you`d be playing at Z ROCK it made our idea a bit pointless. Now though, things have changed, so how about it? I think that the audience at The Gods would love to see Westworld. Is this at all a possiblility. I know this maynot be the forum to discuss this but it just came to me as I was typing this reply. Maybe we can get some opinions from the posters here? Whaddya say?

Bye for now,

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