Re: A couple of points re:Tony Harnell`s post
Posted by: Mark Ashton ()
Date: June 24, 2001 07:26PM

Hi Surfpunk,
A couple of quickies -

ARTISTIC CONTROL. I think maybe you missed my point. I am not having a go at TNT for making "Firefly" per se, what I`m having a go at is them being asked and paid to do a particular style of album and then ignoring that and doing something completely different. I don`t buy the `artistic freedom` defense. If you employ a painter to paint your living room and you ask them to do it blue and then they do it yellow because in their `artistic` opinion it is better and fresher then would you pay them? I doubt it. If they want to paint their own house yellow using their own money then that`s fine and I have no problem with that.
All I meant was that if someone is employed and paid to do a particular job then that is what they should do.
For instance, Harem Scarem are now making their new album. They themselves have come out and openly stated that it will be a return to the melodic rock style of their earlier albums. Now, if they deliver an album that is groundbreakingly original and singlehandedly invent a new musical genre then I think that myself and the Japanese label that are funding this album between us have a righ tto be unhappy about that. The band came to us with this as their idea so if they don`t deliver then we have grounds for complaint.
If, on the other hand, they came to us and said that they had a plan to make a groundbreaking new album and did we want to be invovled then that`s a whole different story.
We don`t impose strict guidelines for our artists. They generally get freedom to make the album that they want. What sometimes happens is that we all sit down and discuss a direction that we agree on as being the right way forward for a band. Some artists want this guidance, others don`t.
I feel that an A&R person has to be able to allow an artist freedom to be artistic, but also to have one eye on the commercial aspects of the business.
For example, when TEN were recording their first album they had no restrictions imposed by us on the music. If anything, we encouraged Gary to write what he wanted and he ended up with about 30 killer tracks. We then came in and chose the tracks which worked together as the first album and then a bunch that sat together well as "The Name Of The Rose" and a few others became part of Gary`s "Precious Ones" album. I feel that this is A&R working at it`s best. The musicians were allowed total freedom to do as they wished and then we became invovled in the mix with some ideas and in the compiling of the albums. Artists are sometimes too close to their work to be able to put their own albums together. They don`t like a particualr song any more because they broke up with their girlfriend when they were writing it. It might be the best thing they`ve ever written but they don`t see it objectively any longer.

Also, We aren`t a limitless pot of funding for musicians to vent their artistic side. If anything, the majors should be that. They have the money to spare, we don`t. Why is it then that the least original and fresh music comes from these huge multinational corporations? They could spare a million or two to allow a few artists to really push the boundarise, we can`t.
Also, just because it`s new and original doesn`t always equate to it being good or commercially viable.
As one writer at Kerrang once said, it`s all very well being unique and original, but if it`s shite, what`s the point?

Bye for now,

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