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Date: June 24, 2001 06:43AM

Hi, I know this should be none of my business, but since you guys decided to do this on a public message board...I guess it is my business!

I honestly can't think of any artist that has had a great album everytime.
Boston, Foreigner, Journey, Bon Jovi, Styx, Dream Theater, ect...ect... None of these bands have written a 10 song smask hit everytime they put out new material.

A record company has to take that chance on the artist. It's not like a normal job where someone goes to work in a factory or something and decides to be innovative and try new things. I don't think that's a fair comparison. Art is a tricky job at best and it's ALWAYS hit or miss. Of course the record company wants a hit so they will make the profit and it's totally understandable, but I don't think they should hold the artist responsible if it doesn't sell or if it's not as good as some past material.

I think a better comparison would be sports job because that is another type of art. For instance I live in Atlanta Ga. When the Atlanta Braves got Steve Avery the pitcher, he did real well his first few years and received a much higher paying contract. All of the sudden he lost his touch and he couldn't pitch well anymore. Everyone that came to the plate got a hit, it seemed like.

The Braves got rid of him of course but they still had to pay up his contract. Now I'm sure he didn't try to start pitching badly. It's the chance that the Braves had to take going on what he had done in the past. It's the nature of the job of running a sports team just as it is running a record company. There's always a chance involved. It's not the Braves fault for taking the chance and it's not Steve's fault for losing his touch on the ball. It's just an unfortunate turn of events and the Braves had to eat the money lost on the contract and Steve had to eat his pride and the comments from fans, and the feeling that he'd let everybody down. Can you imagine what that must feel like, to have a spotlight on you and knowing that everybody is expecting greatness and then it just doesn't come. Or what you thought was good while you were doing it turned out to be not so good. It probably feels something like being on national tv, getting your pants pulled down and only having a one inch weiner!

Remember Reo Speedwagon's follow up to "Hi Infidelity"? I'm sure when they were making that record they thought it was great! They had hit so big with "Hi Infidelity" that another big record would have probably made them one of the hugest acts in Rock history. They had stardom in their eyes and there is no way they would have put out "Good Trouble" without thinking that it was their ticket to doing stadiums!

We all know what happens next.....People didn't like "Good Trouble" and it goes down as one of the biggest follow-up flops of all-time. Now the next Reo album "Wheels Are Turning" gets a wonderful response and yields a number one song. All I'm saying is, music is hit or miss and not even guys like Billy Joel or Elton John have had great albums every single time. That is an unrealistic standard in my opinion.

The music business does not work like a bank job. While I totally understand your frustration at the record not being as good as past records by the band, I don't believe for a second that they purposely made a substandard record. I'm sure at the time they were trying to do something original, they thought it sounded good and they went with it. I think the record company has to leave the art up to the artist. If they thought they were good enough to sign to a contract then they decided to take that chance.

To me it really comes down to this.
If there was a conversation that took place where you were told that the record was going to be a continuation of past records then that is different. That would mean you were mislead and I would agree with you. But if there was no conversation like that and you were just expecting one thing and got another, I don't think you can fault the artist for that. Remember, they are artists and doing the same record they've already done has got to be boring. An artist wants to try new things and keep fans interested. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It sucks for both sides when it's a failure. The band is not any happier that the record company.

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