Re: A couple of points re:Tony Harnell`s post
Posted by: Surfpunk ()
Date: June 24, 2001 04:56AM

I have two points to make. The first is Artistic Control.
We've all heard this referred to in the past. This or that artist has 'complete artistic control' over the music and the labels job is to market the finished product. So to what extent is this true? Just how many artists find themselves in this position? Irrespective, isn't this condusive to creativity? By stating what a label wants/expects from a band isn't that doing exactly what Tony Harnell said and aiding the stagnation of the scene? A lot of musicians want to be able to stretch themselves AND THEIR AUDIENCE in the same way that, say, The Beatles did. Time may have moved on, but it has had more impact on the way music is marketed than the creative process.Isn't the job of the labels to nurture the creative process and assist their artists in INCREASING the fanbase, rather than just waiting until they die and stop buying's? Perhaps creativity is required equally in the marketing departments of the labels in relation to the music, sorry, PRODUCT, if indeed they have marketing departments.

The other point is this. Small labels used to serve the purpose of identifying talent and getting bands up and running before the major labels took them under their wing and actually made them grow. Sure, there is a lot to be said for being a 'big fish in a small pond' but it seems to me that the current AOR/MHR scene, or whatever tag you want to give it today, is in danger of being strangled by the very people who have kept the scene going through a very lean period. Small labels are VITAL to young new bands. They give them time to learn and time to make mistakes before their careers really take off. But there's no way bands should be recording 5 or 6 albums for a label who, and let's be completely honest here, simply cannot provide the elements that the bands need to make it into the big time. So what's the alternative? Nobody wants to see bands being signed for tax losses like they were at the end of the 80's again, even thought it still happens all the time. I don't particularly want to see a great band like FM flounder under the eyes of Sony, and end up with huge debts again. For those scenarios not to occur this scene needs new blood, both in the bands and in the labels. The danger being that once a passion becomes your job, the passion DOES wane. The advantage now is this, the net. Loads of bands now have 'Street teams or E teams'. Fans who, given the tools from the label, can target other bulletin boards etc and do the marketing for them. Who better? Fans doing the labels work for free, because they feel an affinity for a particular band.

And that's my answer, right? Put it in the hands of the fans? Not entirely, of course not, but it's an avenue that perhaps should be investigated. After all, what is this site, if not a site run by a fan with a passion? There are numerous contributors to this board who have proved themselves extremely knowledgable on many fronts. Some have also displayed a broader sense of just where this scene exists in the greater scheme of things. Those are the people who may be able to inspire others into the scene and then, hopefully, it may filter down into a younger audience.

All that said, I believe there are bands already signed to majors that hold appeal for both older and younger fans of melodic music. The only thing holding them back is the very conservatism that Tony Harnell spoke of in his first post.

Adapt or die!

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