A couple of points re:Tony Harnell`s post
Posted by: Mark Ashton ()
Date: June 24, 2001 02:18AM

Hi everyone,
I`ve been keeping a keen eye on the recent discussions about the scene and Z ROCK Part 2 etc. Unfortunately, I`ve been even busier than normal this past week and simply not had time to get involved, but a few of you have got it bang on about the problems with putting on a Z ROCK or a Gods type event. The costs are crazy, too many people want to get in for free and people in the UK especially seem to be more interested in dancing to "Forever Young" for the 8 millionth time than seeing Vaughn perform not only that song but some new material as well.
One thing I really felt I had to comment on though was one fo the posts made by Tony Harnell below. I`m not wanting to start a big argument or anything but a couple of things in one particular post got me going -

"I mean when we got signed by JVC/Victor in 96 to do a new "reunion album" they gave us a very respectable amount of money to do a classic TNT album. We did not. They were pretty upset when they heard the result that's for sure. And though Firefly was not a great album, I think it was an interesting album that took chances."

Now I know that most of you are blinded by the fact that Tony is a great singer therefore can do no wrong, but to me this is well out of order. JVC gave TNT a lot of money to make a particular type of album and by their own admission the band did not deliver on that agreement. Of course the label will be pissed and so they should be. When someone is contracted to do a job then they should make sure that they do what is asked of them or not take the job in the first place.
Then to admit that the album they did give to the label was substandard makes it even worse.
If I employed a company to build me a conservatory like one I`d had in the past bu with the superior materials of today and they told me it would be very expensive but I still agreed to it, the least I would expect would be the conservatory that I had ordered. I wouldn`t expect a badly made tin shed in the back garden and no refund.
Before anyone comes up with the `art` defense, if bands want to be `artistes` then they should do it with their own money and not someone elses. TNT should have made the album that they wanted to make and then shopped it around rather than ripping off a label, which is what I feel that they did.
To say that the album `took chances` isn`t exactly true either. So, Ronnie detuned his guitar and Tony sang a lot deeper than usual - you mean exactly like everyone else was doing at the time? It`s no better to jump on a bandwagon than to try to recreate something from the past. "Firefly" wasn`t any new musical experience for the listener. It was simply a not particularly good collection of songs performed quite well and with a fairly average sound.
Vagabond was way more original and artistic and had better songs. If TNT wanted to experiment then fine, but they shouldn`t do it on someone else`s dime, especially when that someone else has asked for a specific product.

Also, if it`s the labels fault for signing all these old names from the past, I`d like to know how much WESTWORLD wanted as an advance and if they neglected to mention the collective pasts of the musicians involved when shopping around. You can`t blame Z for putting Ex TNT, DANGER DANGER etc in the ads as they have to sell product. If the band are so confident of their own abilities then they should take a nominal advance and let the product do the talking. This appplies to all the bands out there, but in reality anyone with a `past` uses it to get more money.
Surely, every form of business does this. Don`t people use their CV to get better jobs with better pay? There`s no difference.

OK, I`m coming from the labels point of view here, but I felt that someone had to as whenever an `artist` posts the public seems to take their words as being gospel and that there couldn`t be any other possible way of looking at things.

To those people I suggest you go into work next week and do what you want to with your companies money and see how long you remain employed with the argument that you felt the company needed to progress and take some chances, even though the resutls of your work are, and I quote, "not great". I`m sure your boss will pat you on the head for trying and give you even more money the week after. NOT!

I get sick of people coming on these boards and looking down their noses at anything that isn`t new and original. There are many people that go to 60`s nights at clubs all over England and the rest of the world I`m sure. They go because they love that era of music. There are even bands now writing and playing new material in that style. So what? If people like it then let them like it. You either like a piece of music or you don`t. If someone likes the 80`s sound but still wants to buy CD`s of new material in that style, then let them. It doesn`t make you a better person if you have `moved on`. It just means that your taste has changed.

I`ve gone on way too long. I`ve got a Gods to sort out with a load of bands playing rehashed old riffs to a room full of people that will be having a great time, just like the people at the 60`s nights will have a great time.

Shame that some people can`t see that that is what it`s all about.

Bye for now,

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