Re: You're killing me man!!
Posted by: Captain Can Man ()
Date: June 18, 2001 04:30AM

I'm really not narrow minded. I have an extremely varied music collection. I can put Beethoven next to Black Flag in my CD changer and think nothing of it. I just prefer the true greats that stand the testoftime over the gimmicks, the posers and the one hit wonders.

That's an interesting statement. You just said in the same breath that you listen to Black Flag but prefer the true greats that stand the test of time. That is a total contradiction. Black Flag has not stood any test of time. They did not even stand the test of time as well as Poison and Warrant. At least those guys are still performing in big theaters and such. A few bands that have withstood the test of time though are Bon Jovi, Kiss, Elton John, David Bowie, and Van Halen. All of these artists had a gimmick. And David Lee Roth was the absolute biggest poser in the history of Rock and Roll!!! When a camera would hit him, he would suck his cheeks in like a model and flex his muscles and such. You contradict yourself almost everytime you post. Of the three things you named that you hate, Posers, Gimmicks, and One hit wonders, DLR fits in with two out of three of those!

You shot down many of the guitarists I mentioned like Lynch and Nuno as total copiers and I just disagree with you buddy. They may have listened to Eddie and learned some things from Van Halen records but they also did some very original things on the guitar. They simply put their own twist on that style of playing and many people besides myself enjoyed it very much.

You not knowing who Norum, Marcello and LeTekro are is really mind boggling to me. Here you are posting on an AOR board, slamming people left and right because they like hair bands and you have not even given some of the best hair band guitarists a listen to yet. Hair Metal has a pretty wide range of artists in it. It wasn't just the ones with make up and such.

Steve Vai was considered "hair metal". Bands like Warrant, Poison, and Slaughter were not the only bands considered "hair metal" at that time. There were also bands like Scorpions, Europe, Queensryche, TNT, Whitesnake, White Lion, Winger, Extreme, Def Leppard and others who had tons of talent. Some people would even put Dream Theater in the circle as hair metal. After all, they all had the poofy hair going at the time, and that is the main prerequisite for the title.

Yes they all poofed their hair out, but that's what kids were buying into at the time. In the early 60's it was the short hair bowl cut like the Beatles had, in the late 60's it was the hippie look, in the seventies they had the big mustaches and bell bottoms and in the 80's they all used alot of hair spray. It was what was going on at the time and these musicians wanted to tour and make records and be rock stars. Poofing their hair out was a small price to pay for all the women, money, ect..... Wouldn't you do it in the same position they were in. That's what the record companies were making the artists do back then.

You might not like Winger and Kip was a major poser but if you doubt the musicianship in that band, you would be wrong. Everyone of those guys is at the top of their field as a musician.

Also, the reason I mentioned guitarists like Satch, Johnson, Schon, ect.....was because your statement had the words "of that era" in it. I took that to mean you thought no guitarists of the 80's era was in the same league with Randy and Eddie. Sorry if I misunderstood you there. I thought the 80's had alot to offer musically.

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